Tactical destroyer core insufficient

It seems tactical destroyers are a bit lacking in terms of power grid and CPU, especially compared to assault frigates. I think they need an extra 5-10% PG and an extra 5-10% CPU. What does everyone else think ?

You don’t think the ability to switch on-the-fly between three different sets of bonuses aren’t enough to weigh up against fitting stats when trying to set them apart from Assault Frigates?

LOL Try and fit a jaguar then try and fit a svipul :stuck_out_tongue: its the other way around.

Don’t compare a Frigate class with a Destroyer Class, it’s like comparing a Bicycle with a Car. While they can both transport you from A to B, they do it in very different ways…

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I’d say they are reasonably comparable, more like SUV vs Pickup-truck, than bicycle to car. Most AFs have 3-4 weapons where the t3ds have 4-5, then the t3ds typically have an extra mid/low and a bit more CPU to fit that. The gap is far narrower than the gap between t1 frigs and t1 destroyers.

That said, no I don’t think T3Ds need more fitting room. Most of them used to have more, and it’s been nerfed to this point for a reason.


As CSP said we already were there and it was obviously OP so CCP had to nerf the Damn things.

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Pretty sure the they had to nerf them down a few times and a T3D would still win most of the time.


Its like comparing Cruisers and BattleCruisers , they might not be the same ship class but they fill a lot of the same roles.

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T3 dessies should just die alongside with t3 cruisers.
Switching roles without switching modules is not effective (yeah, depot, i know, most cubersome mechanics evah) not to mention t3 cruisers still have that skill penalty for going boom in them.
Go T2, be happy.

Problem with this is that they have implants that can give you the 5% you crave, then add to that boosters that can give you a big edge, you start mucking about with it you’ve taken it from it’s intended role and bonuses over t-1 and t-2 and over shadowed them to make them obsolete.

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