T3 Modules and how to unlock them

So, t3 modules. We haven’t even got a full set of t3 ships for each of the distinct classes but this may be long term. I would propose that in addition to the new t3 module skills that would inevitably be released alongside them (or some time before) you would have to train science skills to be able to use those modules and enhance their use (but only their use, these don’t benefit t2 modules or otherwise). Perhaps they could be only fitted to t3 hulls of their respective size classes (going by rig size) to not make officer modules or whatever else redundant.

Good God no.

We need a t3 ship for every class? Then modules?

■■■■ it. Im playing wow. Less broken than this ■■■■.

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People don’t seem to understand the concept of T3. It isn’t about power but flexibility. Flexibility isn’t something we normally associate with modules but maybe CCP could rebrand reactive hardeners and integrated analyzers as T3. Might be some other adaptive mod that I can’t think of at the moment or the thread could be hijacked to offer some ideas!

Yeah but t3 cruisers are still op even after the “nerf” only a matter of time before t3 battleships show up that omni tank and have bonuses to every weapon size.
Then we will need tech 2 caps to kill t3 bs’s then you’ll need to make tech 4 frigates who are immune to being targeted by t2 caps to go out and hunt them.

T3s are still uber tanks with pretty much bs damage from what I’ve seen of them flying around doing 900dps still.

The current T3’s need to be balanced properly before CCP even think about other classes of T3 ship; currently they’re still OP, as the previous nerf didn’t go far enough.

That model is no longer being followed. Someone asked ccp in the t3 balance thread.

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