Tech 3 battlecruisers and other new ships

Reviving this idea.

Now with the black ops updates in place a covert op fit battlecruiser would make a great addition.

Anyone with me on this one?

—Battleship like DPS subsystem
–Command ship like tank subsystem
–Covert ops subsystem

Also, other ships and specifically ones that don’t require a new skillset. Maybe even a couple more alpha freebees. New items when combined with new content is far more appealing compared to one without the other.

How about a T3 BC that can spawn exotic dancers? :smirk:

How about no more T3anythings till CCP works out how to ship balance T3’s to start with.

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Let’s have a 5 head ship with a single omni module that does whatever I want it to when I click it.

Why stop there? I think your ship may not be strong enough yet.

We could do even better:
–Battleship like DPS subsystem
–Command ship like tank subsystem
–Covert ops subsystem
–Industrial jump drive engine subsystem
–Triglavian like spool-up dps subsystem
–Frigate like agility (and warp speed) engine subsystem
–Bastion tank subsystem

Jump drive, but it doesn’t need a cyno. Just click system and poof!

Thanks for shooting the idea down but it was just an example. Obviously, subsystems like the covert one don’t allow for fitting as good as others.

For a player base like the one that mocked this post the best thing CCP can do is drop the price to $5.00 a month and just stop updating.

Some of the post are just stupid. 5 headed ship, like who the f let that kid on a computer that pops out exotic dancers. Youve been breathing the residual crack from your covid mask for too long.

No wonder CCP is losing players reading this ■■■■. They should shut this forum down.

Nevyn Auscent. I think t3 cruisers have come a long way since first introduced. There is always going to be one ship thats more perfect than the other for whatever role you need it in.

And I’m going to point out the worthlessness of a trig ships.

Thats great that a drek can do 1200dps after a minute and a half. After about 30 secs it does about 900 dps. With implants and after 50 cycles (about 3 minutes) it could do 1400dps. A hurricane can do 1100dps no spool.

Leshak vs Marauder. With implants the leshak can reach 3000ish dps after 50 cycles. The golem can do it in 1.

These trig damage implant sets are specifically for trig ships and do not apply to anything else. A mid grade set is about 1.5 billion isk. Trig ships make great capital and structure bashers but when it comes to small gang pvp, they are not as powerful as people think.

I’d love for CCP to add new ships, in a perfect world. But, seeing how they can’t even balance the ones they already have, it would only end up being like world of tanks where each ship is just a little better than the last.

I could go on for an hour about all kinds of ship classes, in-between classes, out of date or experimental designs and so forth CCP could add that would add some huge variety to the game. But I’ve lost all confidence in CCP’s ability to do anything fun, new, or innovative without destroying the game for the next 6 years.

Ok, a bit more that a snarky post for this reply.
There is definitely no Trig ship that excels in small gangs…

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