Pirate Subsystems for T3Cs

Pirate Subsystems for T3Cs.

We know all pirate factions are present in W-space just as long as Empire factions are. So why no pirate faction adopted Sleeper tech in their own way, like Empires did?

I suggest we get Pirate Subsystems.

Sansha interacted with W-space the most. Incursions and shattered systems battlefield are clear evidence. So radical as it may sound, but I think Sansha T3C hull would be an appropriate idea too.

And so it begins…

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Why would the current T3 subsystems not be enough?

This is just a snap-thought, but if anything happened like this I’d more expect pirate T3Cs to be able to fit subsystems of both required factions, instead of having their own - along with having an extra hull role bonus, or maybe just one new sub.


I admit I may not thought it through yet. But I think discussion is what is really necessary to really shape an idea.

One new sub per hull is great idea.

The T3 cruisers are hard enough to balance as it is. If you make them more flexible/powerful why would people who can afford them fly anything else?

Each ship in the game needs a role where it is a reasonable choice - otherwise, why not just get rid of it?

I’m not a big fan of power creep but, if you want more pirate stuff, why not pirate rigs that can improve all ships?

I’ll confess I dont know much about T3Cs from practical prospective. I mean I theorized a lot but couldnt fit one I’d like to fly yet. I have all four of them at 4-5s along with all subs at 4-5s, and all weapon system skills too.

I’d really love a laser legion for week long solo roams, but laser legion sucks, not to mention no spikes.

i dont think we need Pirate faction subsystems…

Now if you really want Pirate Faction T3’s…then maybe something along the lines of what Uriel said above…

Since all Pirate ships really are, are hybrids of 2 factions.
But then again…why do we need them OP? other than just because?

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So what exactly would these subsystems do? This might help you:


What would they do that the currents do not?

I didnt mean them to be OP in any way. Give as much as normal subs do but of different bonus. Almost faction flavour only.

  • less turret number, more turret damage like phantasm has for legion for example
  • less drone number, more drone damage, like gila for prot, just kidding ))

…but something like that.

Every time I’m about to say something I have to look down to see if you have already said it.

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Anyway t3c are already hosting more options than they need and are in such a good spot right now that I don’t see them being touched for a long time. Well proteus may need some love.

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