Suggestion:T3 mining barge

Now there’s 2 ways we could follow up on this using t3 dessies and t3 cruisers as examples:
1.We go by interchangeable subsystems with separate subsystem skills.
2.We go with a ‘mode’ style like the dessies.

First because there’s not really that much variety to pack into several ships this all evolves around 1 hull constructed very similarly to current ships.

Some subsystem ideas:
Defensive sub:no.1 shield resistances increase,no.2 shield hp increase,no.3 shield booster amount increase(to keep it fair no1 and2 will have less midslots than no3)
Propulsion sub:no.1 warp speed and acceleration,no.2 reduced align time,no.3 increased afterburner velocity.
Harvesting sub:no.1 bonus toward ore harvesting,no.2 bonus toward ice harvesting,no.3 bonus toward gas harvesting
Engineering sub:no.1 increased powergrid,no.2 increased cpu,no.3 increased capacitor pool


Defensive:shield booster increase and shield resistance increase.
Harvesting:reduced cycle time
Propulsion:reduced align time,increased warp speed and acceleration.

Now for a gimmicky role bonus there’s a couple:compression just like the rorqual for this to be a thing you’d have to be limited on the amount of heavy water you can carry,gas compression would need to be added along with a new type of industry core.
Another bonus could be the ability to fit just 1 mining link,another would be reffiting in space without the need of a depot
Note that only one role bonus would go on the ship not all.

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Are those outperforming Exhumers or not?

For balance sake no it’s supposed to come short of a hulk on max yield and short of a skiff by quite a bit on EHP but on active tank with booster bonus which no current exhumer has it’d be better

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Overall it’s just an idea on what the subs/modes could be while making a more flexible ship that could be tied into a t3 theme.
The slot numbers and fitting would be something CCP would do after all they’re geting a salary not me.

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Personally would prefer T3 battlecruiser / battleship more myself, but why not pirate faction mining barges, seeing as now guristas, blood raiders and nuetral npc factions all nibble on asteroid belts. Guristas barge could have a bonus to drone damage for example, extra drone bay space etc.

Just a thought.




And thermal damage to Blood Riders Mining Neut/ Nos.


Why does this ship need to exist? What role does it fill?

And why does everyone think there needs to be more t3?

Mining is a very simple process. There is just not enough variety in the ways mining can happen to justify a mining t3.

Maybe because someone failed to do that with T2? Dunno.

1: We need less t3 ships
2: We need less t3 ships


I don’t think just ‘we need less t3’ is a valid point here.Currently there is no shred of flexibility for fitting barges ,say you want to mine ore with your corporation you bring a hulk because you feel safe with a group,you want to mine alone you need a skiff,you want gas need a venture or prospect,for ice need a different rig,for mercoxit another type of rig.Having a single hull that you can adapt to whatever style of mining you need would have a place ingame especially for people who move around.
As far as the t3 issue as I stated before it shouldn’t be made better than each current barge .

More ships, must have more! That and it makes more sense than pulling a brand new class of ship out their backside.

Personally I wouldn’t make a new ship, I would make ORE design subsystems that are compatible with the current T3Cs, somehow like this:

  • offensive: Combined Harvesting Module, 6 high slots, maybe 3 weapon slots, bonus to ore, ice and gas harvesting, andle’s say 5000 m3 ore hold. The catch is that it can only fit small harvester modules.
  • defensive: Cargo Hold Expansion, another 5000 m3 general cargo space, with layered tinfoil as a form of defense.
  • engineering: Salvaging Processor, bonus to salvage modules and drones.
  • propulsion: Augmented Anchor, let’s you stay aligned at all times, the skill bonus here would reduce the speed penalty.

I think if you mix these with the already existing subsystems, you can make interesting combinations, like a cloaky ninja miner or a PVE combat ship with superior salvaging abilities.


Because having two classes of T3 is waaay too much, right? C’mon now, don’t be daft.

I don’t see a point in this. We already got mining barges, then the exhumers, then the dedicated mining frigates for newbies, then the Orca and Rorqual. What more do you want?

-1 not needed.

Both class of T3 when introduced just pushed off T1 and T2 ships out of their usual role because they ended up being flat out better while also being more versatile. While you could say it is no longer the case for T3C, it took YEARS for the balance pass to happen and a ■■■■ load of people threw hissy fit over it because CCP dared to nerf their WTFPWNMOBILE. T3D also still happen to out do a lot of stuff in many roles while also being versatile at the push of a button.

Sorry but I clearly support the idea that no more T3 stuff need to enter the game for as long as possible since right now, CCP can’t seem to balance stuff in a timely manner anyway.

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Guristas Rorqual, 1 excavator mining as much as 10 + thermal/kinetic bonused launcher for self defense. It’s already a shield ship anyway so why not.

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What I like about this theoretical idea would be when you get destroyed in your T3 mining ship you would lose some T3 mining skills. Would mean killing a miner would hurt there potential ISK an hour if they die.

If that was the case I wouldn’t worry too much on them mining as much as a standard exhumer or even a low level Hulk. I feel this would make killing them satisfying and a bit tactical, since it won’t be as simple as buying a new ship after the attackers are gone.

I think that the T3 barges subsystems should actually just improve bonuses to a certain ore type. So if you wanted to min-max in your current system, you could (only ores that are in your region of space).

IDK just spit balling. I like the idea of more mining ships. Because as a miner there really isn’t much variety in what kind of ships you fly. Then again is much variety even needed?