Time for T3 "Mining Ships"

Yes, it’s time we move on to allowing more care bearing in space.

T1 - T2 Mining Barges - Built to mine ores
T1 and T2 - Expedition Frigates - Built to naja mine.
Industrial Command ships - Push the mining to the max and drones drones drones miners.
T3 - Are built for faster mining at higher cost and big demand on skills which can be lost if your ships are lost.

“Battleship size ship” ?

T3 -
Allows you to remote capacitor transmitters creating more energy for the rapid lasers.
(By cap linking with up to five other ships the group will create the rapid link which speeds up the laser and the mount of ore giving each ship the mining power of running three hulks with in one ship.)

Allows you to tractor beam rocks to you or move them out of the belts. ( No Warping with the ores :wink: )
No ore bay which mean your ore must be can up in space.
Command Burst don’t effect the ships, you get as is style ship.

I’m not exactly sure if adding new mining ships is a good idea at the moment. Although it would be cool to see new mining ships, I think CCP’s time and resources are better spent addressing the real problem with mining at the moment.

That problem is mining is turning out to be a monotonous job. So repetitive that it is extremely prone to automation which is no surprise there are mining bots in Eve Online (despite how illegal they are in game).

What I would like to see from mining is improved interaction with the asteroid belts that require a little bit more attention from the player than just pressing F1 every few minutes. It should encourage interaction with the target asteroids being mined to help curtail bot miners while still being easy enough to multibox a fleet.

Maybe every once in a while the mining laser or strip miner module would deactivate at the end of one of its cycles and have the player momentarily “look at” the target asteroid and interact with it the same way we interact with colonies in Planetary Interaction. This is to simulate a chance that the miner has hit a spot on the rock that is devoid of relevant minerals and that the pilot has to re-calibrate the lasers to pick a different spot on the same rock. The lasers are then reactivated and can automatically repeat their cycles until the rock is either fully depleted or another dead spot is hit.

This would make it extremely difficult for bot miners to interact with without resorting to overly expensive A.I. that use machine learning while still making it friendly for multibox miners like myself and making mining a little bit more interactive.

Sorry for taking over your thread. As I said, seeing more mining ships is a cool idea but it’s not something I am concerned about as a veteran industrialist.


No. You can make plenty of iik with the mining equipment already available in game. Use the tools provided rather than beg for new tools.

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In my opinion it should be harder to multibox, and support actually organizing a mining fleet together, just like other activities in EVE.

I don’t think they should comepletly get rid of multiboxing, since a lot of people already do it, but I think a fleet of 5 real people should out mine a guy multiboxing with 5 clients.

For a list of answers, go ahead and use the search feature. T3 mining ships is a very common thread. And it’s an utterly stupid idea every single time.


I see what where you’re getting at, but the idea I’m proposing already adds a challenge to multiboxers. I theorize that with 5 clients running (1 Orca and 4 Hulks, let’s say) it would be definitely keep the multiboxer quite busy when they have to be present at the computer to make sure none of their strip miner modules get interrupted at the end of its automatic cycle as I described in my previous post. Any more mining barges and the player will theoretically be overwhelmed with constant notifications since the interruptions (as I proposed) would be on a per-module basis and all mining barges have at least 2 slots for strip miners. That’s 8 modules to look after, not counting the tasks already imposed on the Orca such as survey scanning the rocks, tractoring in any jet cans deployed by mining ships, managing mining drones controlled by the Orca (plus any drones piloted by the barges) assuming of course the multiboxing player is aiming towards maximizing ore yield.

My proposal already adds some more work for the multiboxer like myself. For me piloting just one Orca and a Hulk will obviously not be a problem. This proposal alone will encourage multiboxers to seek help with mining in large numbers. I have run previous mining operations with old corp mates using 3-4 barges on average with me in the Orca and I can tell you that managing 4 ships kept me a bit attentive since the ore just kept coming in thanks to my fleet bonuses.

Obviously multiboxing will forever be a thing and there is no stopping that and honestly it should never be hindered to such an extent that it gets killed altogether. The downside to my proposal would only be a small price to pay to industrialists like myself in order to make it as difficult as possible for bot miners to function.

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Like a goon-bot rorqual fleet with many drones that just mine for them?

Mining needs help but perhaps not this kind. We need more engaging mining mechanics.


Speed up the ore mount from lasers, every 30 secs something drops in your ore hold. Every one mine you have too rebash your f1 key in order to keep the cycle going, and killing the repeat options for lasers.
Reduce the mount of ore you get from the faster mining lasers.
Not sure why we can’t make everything in ore blocks like ice as you already get X mount per 100 units like ice.
Make these ships move about in space why trying too mine up these ores.
Make the NPC spawn rate much higher every 5 mins it spawns a set of NPC"S to shoot at you. Keeps you busy between shooting and mining these ore blocks.
Shame we can’t make orbiting a ore belt allow you better chance of high mount of ore you can get to ore in your ore hanger.
Allow the mining ships to use full set of 8 lasers and mining drones. The more you put on one style of ore the more you could get back.

You’re not thinking this through are you?

That is completely unnecessary work. Something bots can already do anyways. This idea will only hurt the players and not the bots.

Too easy. Right Click > Orbit. There is also the fact that the asteroids naturally rotate so that whole idea is absolutely pointless.

Even 0.5 npc pirates are too weak to take on a decently-tanked Mackinaw and most players will just leave their drones swarming around automatically engaging the npc whenever they are attacked. The only time this won’t work well is when there is a Forward Operating Base in the system and the Dread Guristas/Blood Raiders send out their small NPC fleets to the belts where they can seriously kick your ass.

Again, the rocks naturally rotate. Your idea is pointless.

Get off the weed and get a refund because clearly you’re not getting the best quality stuff. I hear Colorado has some good ■■■■.

Good thing we have gankers in space the best option :slight_smile:

We have Frigate (Venture and T2), Cruiser (Barges and Exhumers), Battlecruiser (Porp) and then we skip directly to Capital ship (Orca).

Before considering T3 for these would it not be a reasonable question to put in a Battleship version of a miner?

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Meh, T3 mining ships or T3 mods for existing T3C have been discussed a lot of times already, without coming to a good idea of why it should exist and what it could do. I don’t think a T3 could be done well without causing problems to the barges and command ships.

I’m all for ores anomalies like the ice one for highsec, with enough of them per system to keep the current amount of ores equivalent, It could create more interactions between people (less sites to warp to), and it’s more difficult to bot, with the added bonus of less boring gameplay (i have ore belt bookmarks which are literally years old that still work).

As for the mining type battleship, I don’t know but more feasable than T3 already, with capabilities to boost and protect (without drones) but no ore hold unlike the porpoise and orca.

Also, the Orca is a large ship, so we already have a battleship sized industrial.


Well a battleship mining unit should be able to use up to 4 high slot mining devices.
Thus I shall propose three versions similar to the cruiser based units.

Heavy tank, 2 strip miner slots, drone space to field at most 5 heavy drones, 5 mid slots, bonus to shield resists per level, bonuses to drones attack/defense/speed.

Massive ore hold, 3 strip miner slots, drone space to field at most 5 medium drones, 4 mid slots, bonuses to ore cargo bay hold per level, bonus to drone speeds only.

Tiny ore hold (5 T2 strip miner cycles at most), 4 strip miner slots, 3 mid slots, minimum drone space for 5 mining and 1 ice, bonuses to cycle time ice, range bonuses, collected ore per level.

T2 versions of these should follow the standard progression and add on the benefits that currently exist for battleships.

Black Ops for the Procurer one. - Designed to survive, and thus can fit the black ops jump, or cloak and run away.

Command bonuses for the Retriever. - Boost while mining and benefit it yourself, obviously not as strong as the Orca with no range bonuses, maybe equal to the porp or one added high slot specifically for a command boost?

Marauder for the Covetor. Rip it from the sky (Utoh… can’t move… meh, everything’s in range anyway now)

Orca is a capital sized ship. This is why it takes Capital parts…

No it’s not. It takes capital-sized PARTS to make, but it is by no means, a Capital. If it was, they’d be fit a whole lot different than they are now.

Orca is more of a freighter-sized mining ship, it even serves the freighter role quite well for moving ores and small ships or regular freight.

I don’t think a mining battleship is good, it would simply overlap the barges without a good reason. Plus, it would make a ship good at 2 different things, which is not how ships are meant to be balanced.

I’m interested in a support battleship, one that can mine a little so the player flying her doesn’t get bored to death watching his fellow in barges, but with more of a role of protecting and giving poor mining boost but good defensive boosts, with good enough weaponry to blap destroyers.

EDIT : so basically a BS similar to T1 combat battlecruiser with slight bonuses to 2-3 small mining lasers, 5-10% bonuses to mining boosts and 10-20% to shield boosts.

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I’m still not sure if adding a new ship to the line of dedicated mining is something worth looking into. Although I am intrigued by the idea of a mining battleship whose role is more about defenses than mining or hauling. But I would be very careful with how to implement it as we don’t want it to become what happened to the Skiff. For those who didn’t know, the Skiff is the Tech 2 version of the procurer which has the tank of a battleship with the target lock speed of an interceptor when fitted right. This ship was often used in low-sec gate camps since it can tank most NPC gate guns while almost instalocking targets coming in. I don’t know if that’s still a thing but if people can turn a Skiff into a battle platform, imagine a mining-centric battleship.

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Skiffs aren’t that tanky anymore. A mildly tanky Brutix leaves the Skiff in the dust.

Just an fyi. Kiddoomer’s right.

It is the equal of a standard freighter but geared specifically towards ore, boosts and has a drone bay but no turret or launcher ports. This is why it only has about 1/3rd the cargohold space of a freighter but dedicated to ore and a total space less than half. It’s also about as fast as a freighter.