Miners of the Game Passed over by CCP

Its seems that CCp has finially given up on miners of eve we havent had a new ship or modules or implants or any ship skins given to us in years.
Which is kinda ironic since the miners of this game are the backbone of this game with out miners no one can build Stuff… time CCP looked at the miners of this game for a Change.\

Bring on the troll fest LOL…

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  • Rorqual changes + Excavator drones
  • Orca changes and increase in mining yields
  • There are a whole range of SKINs for mining ships, since 2016
  • Complete revamp of moon mining to be an actual mining operation for miners
  • Moon mining added to highsec and wormholes
  • Resource wars that provide mining based factional conflict
  • Compression capabilities of Upwell Structures
  • Expedition frigates

Edit: Thanks to Nevyn:

  • Mining effects in Invasion systems

And do what?

What ship do you need? You’ve already got starting miner ships like the Venture, Barges, Exhumers, and even end-game Rorquals.

Modules and Implants? Like what? We already have mining lasers and strip miners that you point at a rock and mine. What more do you need?

Ship skins? Are you that bothered by CCP not releasing skins?

Just remove Barges and Exhumers. Making the majority of mining a function of citadels. Restrict the numbers of citadels based on formula for the Astronomical Unit size of a system. Generating conflict over resources. Allows for a potential passive income, and more focus to PvP. There are no skills for mining which provide any benefit to combat - and yet so many decry that it is a PvP game. It would better for players more war oriented. Unless you really want to disagree with a combat concentric model?

If you still want to mine - go use one of the frigates. The musical hum of the lasers still beckons, it is just more diminuendo now.

Split the Orca down into three separate ships under the ORE Industry ship skill. A boosting command destroyer restricted to Foreman links, a mid size hauler with a Fleet Hanger, and a ORE freighter specific for ore and minerals.

Reduce ice volume in K-Space, pointing towards Shattered WH as the alternative.

Delete the Rorqual & Porpoise.

But why do we need more passive income in the game?

How about a ship that requires multiple pilots to operate?

We could get like something crossed between a Eagle Transporter and a Mark IX Hawk that can harvest moons by sitting at the anchor point for a moon and release out of the fleet hanger smaller ships “Moon Buggy” that land on the moons surface to mine.

The new ship skin color could look something like this;

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What would be the point in this?

I can already see miners crying about how some people are able to sub multiple accounts and use their alts to help pilot these ships.

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I sort of had a vision that most miner fleets are a part of large corps and share a roster for various roles.

Though a ship such as this would be useful to those individuals.

Interesting …

… but, not so much. As @Scoots_Choco asked, what ships and modules do we need?

We do at least get new flavors of ore from time to time. With main point being we have to adapt to get them. My favorite example of “recent” times was Crimson Harvest; having to clear sites in a battle skiff before chasing tricarboxyl. I was looking forward to Invasion for same reason. The focus on regular minerals at Invasion conduits is ho-hum, but the potential to get good yields of morphite in hisec is at least seductive …. even though major conduits are currently nerfed.

Again, interesting …

… and again, not so much. I want mining to be active.

And yes (in answer to follow-up question) I do want to disagree that combat-centric model is the only way to PvP. My position remains that the way to get miners more involved in PvP is to get rid of the broker system. Keep the taxes but let us block individual buyers or corps from buying our goods & services eg anyone on our CODE., or gankers, or red vs blue, or FW naughty lists. Sure, people will create middlemen alts, but then again, they will have to. (And no, contracts do not provide the same outcome.)

…more ignorant whining from an entitled miner…


I’d absolutely love to see mining get tweaked to be more like the deep core mining in Elite Dangerous where you have to scan asteroids for a crackable rock, then properly set your charges, and then use stuff like abrasion blasters or boring missiles to get at the goods. Invalidate the super-scalable AFK farming strategy. So where an active player in an Expedition Frigate is worth several AFK hulks at minimum in terms of usable material gathered. And players in barges can also partake of the better yields… by giving up tabbing out. The foreman ships can absolutely sit out the upgrade process and go back to what they are supposed to be… boosts. Rather than mostly AFK bricks in high and null.

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No thank you I try to leave dangerous I hate it I hate the way it mines no absolutely If they would ever implement way the elite dangerous does it I would probably leave Eve online and you got to think the way ship fly over in Elite dangerous it would never work ever hear there’s not enough space mechanics

Just say no the mechanics are in the are totally different mechanics engine

You missed the mining changes in invasion systems also.

I did not miss it I lost a freaking orca an venture them are some wild Cowboys The Invasion rats

Mining in event sites (for booster ore)

I’ve been curious about that, is the income rate of that ore any good?

gotta ask if you are representing another game or what?

There’s nothing that would kill this game faster than the removal of Orca’s and Barges.

Mine with a frigate? Are you for real?

Mining Barges have done more damage to this game than any other decision ever made by CCP. The entire mechanic behind mining is at cross purposes to rest of the game. This is a game that rewards aggression, awareness and ingenuity. None of these traits apply with mining. Skills like Astrogeology or Veldspar Processing III give no benefit outside of a highly specialized activity. Indeed all of the skills behind mining provide zero benefit to ship survival; in a game that is built upon combat and warfare.

Try looking at this from the other direction. Generations of players have come to this game after trailers of battles and epic conflict - “here’s your venture, now go laser some rocks”. The goods inside the box, do not really match the picture on the outside.

The NPE should be a basic combat drill that builds upon a layered foundation of; gunnery, mobility and tanking. All whilst introducing a rudimentary fitting understanding.

Let me ask you, do you think that you would learn chess if you were given a lathe, some wood, chisels or if the pieces were actually put on the board and moves the moves demonstrated? Take your time.

Because after the moves get demonstrated, if it great if you can be placed with another player of similar experience, at the board and then put into practice all the learning. Actually playing the game. Because that should be the NPE too.

Would it really be a loss if resource gathering was treated as advanced play, gated behind core set of basic ship principals? Then it would be expected that ships for resource gathering will also follow basic ship principals - instead of being an exception to the rule merely for it’s sake? So yes, barges do not fit here - they do not fit at all.

No, alts would be able to pilot such a mining ship. The dual alt mining ship would usher in a new era of emergent game play that would to the development of other new combat ships with two alt pilots.

The Alpha version, which I am certain will see tears, would have almost zero bonuses while the Omega versions running the ship would have better bonuses.

Its not that Eve Online needs new ships, Eve Online needs new emergent styles of play, which could be tested on the OP’s idea.

Although only a niche environment, the environment itself can always evolve on a micro scale to continue to be an emergent environment.

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