From Extraction to Production - will it make me return to Eve?


So I have to admit I got a little bit excited when I read that there are industry changes coming this december (something i’ve been wishing for for years…). My reaction to the content is quite mixed. I think where I got put off was on the following sentences:

*As can be seen, and has been discussed before, the role of the Rorqual and Orca will be changing in New Eden. It is becoming less feasible to solo mine in them since the drone mining yield for both the Orca and Rorqual is being reduced. It will nonetheless play a vital role in space as mentioned before - in being a support mining ship – both for boosting fleets and compressing. This will mean that Rorqual proliferation in New Eden will be impacted, which will mean more from everyone that is not in a Rorqual – unless in the scenarios where mining groups optimize together with a balance between good mining ships and good mining support ships.

So they’ve introduced a nice variety of changes in my opinion. But, what is missing and what remains to be the key is that by nerfing the mining yield of drones, you are obliterating orca and rorqual pilots (let’s face it - most of us are/were soloists).

What I would have liked is the following:

  • new mining ships for industrialists (how many new combat ships have been introduced in the last few years?)
  • higher mining yield for max skilled pilots (skilling is no easy feat, and the rewards in my opinion are not high enough). This includes bigger yields for both turrets and mining drones.
  • lossless compression should remain in stations - I don’t mind there being a penalty to compressing ore in an undocked facility.
  • bigger rewards for level 4 industry missions. (needs quadrupling). I honestly don’t see why this can’t be equal to the general mining yield across new eden, since it’s just an alternative gameplay that takes just the same amount of time.
  • remove the damage multiplier crap from player owned structures and actually make them worth their construction cost in terms of firepower and damage they can do.

My biggest gripe: what the hell is this new waste feature!!!

It seems to me to basically be introducing a bunch of new capabilities while reducing the actual purpose - which is your ability to mine higher yields.

***sorry I forgot to add that i’ve been away from Eve for more than 2 years now, but would think of returning to try out the game afresh if they introduced some cool industry features.

All I’ve written above is just my opinion, and I welcome all responses.

I want pizza, that’s all…


for the last 2 years its been one disaster after another. CCP keeps coming up with complex hard to understand solutions to problems that didnt exist. (insert dbs/ess/ brm here) 'the industry changes were draconic at best, pulling back now shows that someone figured that out to a degree. combining mining crystals good idea. making 3 versions of them where one is low yield, high waste, and unreliabel just sounds really stupid. mobile compression is just another way to put more targets on the field , anyone that plays can see through this ploy. if miners are supposed to be excited about this, i am guessing none of the developers have ever spent the day mininig, let alone multiple hours every day. more things to manage, is not a positive change, new math around wastage and efficiency adds no value. why bother with it, what is gained?
to answer the OP, i see nothing here to attract retturning players, only more complexity and tedium in an already tedious pursuit


they call it problemcreator.

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After looking at the changes, it appears to me that Orca traded drone mining and 50% drone hit points for compression and more drone damage.

I got the impression that the devs intended to make it a better boosting ship but it doesn’t appear to boost anything better than before. All you get in return for losing the ability to mine in your Orca is a target on your back because now every gank fleet will assume every Orca is full of compressed ore.


lets be really clear on this. none of this really helps miners. it just provides more targets for lazy gankers


They were too lazy to put any actual numbers into the blog. You have to literally download all of the .xls files… yes seriously… and dig through it all yourself.

Given that, I doubt there was much effort put into it. You can expect that same level of effort and presentation from the game when it goes live… which was supposedly a few days ago… but not really.

several years ago they took the rorqual from being fleet support to become a mining platform. over the subsequent years they figured out that might have been a mistake and kept nerfing the drones and turning it into a loot pinata.
now it is just a loot pinata. the effort involved in compressing moon goo is ludicrous. a multi step process limited by the fleet hanger size. the drones have been nerfed again. the transition back to fleet support is almost complete. what a total waste of dev effort

Well, more recently it’s been Pearl Abyss - they know how to make real-world cash from in-game issues, that’s for certain.

Playing devils advocate for a moment. Isn’t this the problem. That ships designed for being at the head of fleets were being run solo?



lol actually i’m not ‘interested’ enough to read any further after reading the main blog. They told me everything I needed to know. Nothing has changed: it’s getting worse.

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Excellent point - I just think that the reality shows the dream of fleet/group activities (unless you count pure pvp) in Eve died decades ago - players realised that with all the changes that were being made it’s easier just to solo mine in your orca. Heck - when I first joined Eve about 7/8 years ago you could boost an entire system from your orca from anywhere inside the system - you just had to be in the fleet. Then several months in they changed it to you having to be physically in the same mining belt, and added all these modules/skills to improve your boosting range.

I was a brand new pilot - and a great Eve veteran used to boost a group of us from his/her orca, which was in an unknown location somewhere in the system. Was super cool.

I’m sure you can think of a million other changes that were introduced and badly affected group content for industralists, but that’s the first one that comes to mind for me.

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Mind explaining how? Not just using blanket statements? Gankers have always ganked mining ships I see nothing how they can gank these ships more or less?

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yeah i really miss system wide off-grid boosting. it was removed mostly for the pvp/command ships etc not orca mining. orca just got swept up in the nerf…

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lol I’m not suprised - we’re always an after-thought.

Honestly ask your selves are your surprised the orca has been redesigned into a real support role now? Not mining more then what t1 barges mine or even t2 exhumers? I personally am not.

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In that case why don’t they just remove orca mining capability altogether? And also get rid of mining drones period. We then know where we stand.

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Orca uses a new module, Industrial Core to carry out part of its role as a “fleet support” ship.
The industrial core (needed for compressing ore) is an active module which locks the ship in place for 5 minutes.
I’m not sure but I’d hazzard a guess that not being able to warp off for the duration of the module is going to put Orcas at much higher risk of being killed.

What do you think?

Looks great, and the profit opportunities for actual solo miners are going to be a lot better.