From Extraction to Production - my thoughts


I just thought I’d visit the main website to read about the updates, as it’s been over a month, and I’m actually horrified to see what changes have been applied, shown in the tables.

So they basically removed the orca’s drone mining bonus, nerfed it and made it a capability of the new capital industrial core.

Rorqual mining is now shockingly poor - congratulations.

Also - a portion of your time spent mining will be converted into “mining residue”.

To use the ridiculous ‘new’ features your old skills you took a long time training for won’t be converted into the new skills such as for the industrial core, you’ll have to train all over again.

Also Orca pilots who will use the new capital industrial core - you won’t be able to move while mining & it will require fuel.

Not that I ever bothered mining ice - but the cycle time for ice harvesting has been increased on command ships :rofl:

OH - But don’t worry!! - your drones get a SPEED BOOST BONUS & you get a partial SENSOR DAMPENER RESISTENCE BONUS.

I haven’t played in 3 years, and I was hoping progressive changes for industry would bring me back. Boy was I wrong.


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Orca now improves fleet yields by like 80%. And the barges and exhumers got a huge buff (especially the Hulk). So, I don’t know, maybe figure out how to most effectively use the tools you have.

Haven’t looked at the rorqual numbers, but their intent was to turn it into a mining support vessel as well.

For the crystals, they refunded your SP, so you can put it back into the new skills. And because the total SP required has been reduced, you can even end up with extra SP. Which you can then use to… idk… put int industrial core configuration.

Anyway, the turbo crabs and afk miners were the big losers here, but all the other miners came out okay. Ore availability and other numbers might need further tweaking, but it’s certainly not a calamity -unless, of course, you’re a turbo crab with multiple rorqs or an afk miner.

Just because I like to use a porpoise or orca to solo mine, doesn’t make me a turbo crab or afk miner etc.

I like those ships because they have a beautiful design (unique compared to all other industrial ships), and the mining bonus made then super attractive and a also kept me playing the game for several more years than I would have after I got fed up with the rest of the gameplay.

It was important for a miner to have a ship class that used all skill areas, so mining capability + defense - it was also a roleplay objective.

  • If you were mining in them for the design, then you can continue to do so.
  • If your priority is isk, there are now much better options.
  • If you were mining for roleplay, then none of these changes matter. Admittedly, I’m not an RP’er, but I’ve never heard an RP’er complaining about how much money they could make doing their RP stuff.
  • Last time I checked, the other mining ships combine capability with defense.
  • Oh, and Sol says, “Yield is yield, waste is additional and not removed from yield.” Of course, I would like to add the caveat that it actually can take from your yield if it’s the last cycle of a roid (because waste is calculated first). Regardless, I too think you’re looking at it wrong. The way it works is that you can mine even more in less time now. The actual cost is ore availability, which may or may not matter to you where you live and how much you mine.

Not in a rorqual, orca, or porpoise, which is my point.

Damn ccp tryna make us mine in mining ships.


Then you have nothing to complain about. Go back to Elite or WoW or HelloKitty Online or whatever it is you play these days and leave EVE alone as you’ve been admittedly doing for the past 3 years.


Is this actually a thing? Sounds good!

Yes - because ccp has a million combat ships and a only 9 mining ships. Much choice isn’t it?

Not to mention no industrial ships have been added since the beginning of Eve Online.

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You may have to research for this game, I hear it’s hard.

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Wait…there were changes? Oh wow… Hadn’t heard anything about them, thanks Natocha.

Well Cool! Even though you’re not correct about the overall effect of said changes (don’t worry, you’re far from alone in that), at least it is certain one thing about them was good.


Wow reading is hard, I see why the OP got most of the changes wrong.

Yeah, well Im a fool for actually replying in this troll thread to absolute balls like what I just quoted, arent I.


Counting is hard.

Has been shut down for a few years now, unfortunately.

I had like 12,000 hours in that game.


You’re very good at finding reasons NOT to agree with me Shipwreck_Jones. I’m not trying to make excuses for anything. We all have different play-styles, and not everyone wants the game that you want.

The only argument needed here is that your play style was bad for the game, and now it has been nerfed. The patch introduced new bad-for-the-game play styles while nerfing yours. You can jump to another one if you want to, or not.

If not, I would love to keep an eye on your stuff while you are gone.

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That’s what I did after CCP removed wars from the game.

Now I kill week-old Venture pilots on my alt, and the best part is that I don’t even need to pay anything for my account anymore!


Tried the mining orca again finally last night. 6 hours made about 5mil.

God that’s awful. 6 hours wasted for worthless pixels+residue for 5mil isk. No wonder the grindbears are mad. For six hours of work irl the amount of PLEX would bring billions of isk. Time is money but time spent grinding in EVE becomes a joke.

This post is elegant because you really did a good job of exposing the truth behind the excuses.

I would assume that they just like their ability to mine while AFK.

I would like to thank you for your service. Keep doing the Lord’s work.