Version 19.11 - General Feedback

Greetings Capsuleers,

The New Dawn Quadrant is ongoing and a new monthly deployment (19.11) is now live.

Please use our feedback threads to discuss the changes going live on Tranquility for the next month and you can keep an eye out for the Known Issues to see what our teams have already identified and are working on solving.

Quick Info:

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Good luck


Hope it’s a smooth patch with no bugs…


The original formula for this new aspect of industry has been updated following player feedback and testing, providing an intuitive and fair pattern for what kinds of modules and drones have lower or higher chances of producing residue:

Lastly, in-development plans for a compression revamp, heavily involving the Orca and Rorqual,…

… And where is the bit that comes after the colon? Seriously, CCP has a legendary talent for rushing and messing things up like no one else. But could they at the very least make sure that the very official announcement of this new trainrwreck is complete and without problems itself? It is already enough that the players have to deal with your incompetence ingame.



I do not see any Industrial Core II changes in the patch notes.

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And no word on the reintroduction of the removed previously empty asteroid belts, which means “doubling the ore content across the board” does not apply to 40% of the cluster’s null sec area.



So what happened to refunding all the reprocessing SP and letting us choose if we want to skill back into it?

The details can be found in the supporting document, but in short, players will be reimbursed the Skill Points and the ISK cost for the skill books, and should they decide to train all the new skills, they will be left with about 1.8 million unallocated Skill Points after completing training for the new ones.


Indy core changes are here and not in the patch notes: From Extraction to Production | EVE Online

Also T2 changes are just copy pasted from T1. Nice job CCP. Solid job!


User Interface:

  • Made minor visual updates to the Agency window to improve overall readability.
  • :handshake: Added the ability to browse and filter items in your inventory in the Fitting Window.
  • :handshake: Added the ability to return to a previous fit within a fitting simulation.
  • Added new videos to the help section in the Agency.


  • :handshake: The new engine sounds masked out the siren of the Frontier Safeguarder SKIN as the ship enters warp. The warp blast sound is now lowered thus the weewoo has been saved.


  • Updated the Settings menu for Post-Processing to Low, Medium, and High to reflect what processes are being utilized more accurately.

Definitely like these…

Oh yeah, here’s an appropriate lol for this:


  • Evicted the previous tenants and moved the Pulse Bar to the correct location at the Jita 4-4 Station.

Walking in stations development??


Was it forgotten in the Changelog, or has the Covetor not been nerfed by this patch? Especially with the Hulk losing the mining duration bonus, it becomes a downgrade from a Covetor


What about the mining missions?
Have they been forgotten? Is there enough material to mine in these to complete the missions?
In the topic on extended downtime, problems were pointed out in this regard.


no change to the covetor? or just forgotten about in the patch notes?


I would like an ANSWER as to why no one wanted waste. EVERYONE said that we are quitting if waste was put in, and STILL WASTE aka RESIDE is still there as if we are all stupid children that will not know the difference.

Any Answer will do.


Who needs siege timers - YouTube still not fixed exjoy guys


Oh finally. Time to wake up the dozen or so miners I shelved. Really glad you guys are changing up mining. Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.


I just looked at what you did to the mining barges and exhumers, thank you CCP for listening.

NB. I went and had a look at my mining ships and CPU is a major issue on pre-existing fits…, oh well.

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Yeah go ahead and ignore my last post, since you can’t take criticism or even constructive feedback (Newsflash: the CSM reps tell us that they tell you when your ideas are bad, and that you then subsequently ignore them, try out said bad ideas anyway, and then act all surprised when players riot).


In the process of writing these patch notes we hit the hard character limit on our web management system so while updates to compression are not coming this patch, there was at least some compression in these patch notes.

maybe lay off the jokes when the community is absolutely livid with you for trying to push changes to systems of which you clearly have precisely zero understanding.


the server is ???
almost don’t want to log in and see the damage

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not yet serving. DT outage planned to finish by 12:20, so not quite yet.

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