New Mining changes for the little guys

How does these new orca and other changes impact the small time miner in highsec?

Currently with one orca boosting and a procurer mining alongside with both shield and mining boosts.

Keep hearing this will reduce our yield by a huge amount with waste and make it pointless. Why ?

Rough look on SiSi shows that after you train and by the T2 Indy Core for your Orca you will get 6% more yield on your procurer and 75% of your current yield on your Orca. Add in the cost of fuel, both for your Indy Core and crystals, your net profit drops a bit.

For you, that looks like a net loss. But if you switch to another hull, you might get a better yield.


Sheesh and just got told my ore mining mindlink will be removed with no reimbursement too since its no longer viable.

even switching to just two barges seems like a huge loss too. bummer

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I have not heard of the mining mindlink removal, where did you see that

EDIT: If you go for a couple of Macks, they got about a 33% boost in yield and a slightly larger hold.

They talking about it in game chat it provides no bonus once the cores are introduced so just getting yanked

This part isn’t quite accurate though, your yield isn’t reduced by mining waste. If you have 100% waste with t1 modules or drones then you would still have the same yield, its just that for every unit of ore you mine, a unit gets turned to “space dust” making the asteroid deplete faster.

But since they are doubling the amount of ore, even with 100% waste your mining rate won’t be any better or worse than before.

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I will have to check that, but I doubt its the case. Without a core, your Orca boosts the same as it does now.

Im not sure that makes sense??

So i have my mindlink now and i boost XX% to my miners with skills and the implant.

If i do nothing after patch it still boosts the same but could boost more with the core on top of it?

seems like a lot of change that didnt need to be changed just want to mine damn it.

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they have to make the Orca better at fleet boosting and worse at solo mining to fit their narrative.


I’m sure that “afk mining” will completely stop now that the nerfed the Orca :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


CCP is open to feedback, and willing to tweak numbers. Unfortunately, the bittervets are less interested in providing constructive feedback, than they are in ranting, protesting, and trying to convince other miners that they should be angry and bitter too.

Don’t get mad over rumors, speculation, and numbers that aren’t even set in stone yet. Check things out on the test server. @ CCP_Paradox or CCP_Rattati in their respective threads (hyar and hyar). Ask them questions. Give feedback. Try to provide reasonable suggestions, and make compelling arguments for your proposed changes

I can’t promise you that they’ll listen, but I assure you that a well constructed argument to beef up barge/exhumer yields will be a lot more likely to gain traction than things like calling for devs to be fired.

And for anyone who is curious, I’m not disappointed in the mining community because they’re unhappy with the changes -I’m disappointed in them because the bitter vets have been throwing a tantrum, and doing everything in their power to poison the morale of other miners and newbros.

No P2W


orca mining with a fleet got a nice buff. added lows for all the miners means more yield. When using a TII industrial core your links go from an extra 15% to 30%. (obviously the reduction in the orcas mining and the need for heavy water means that just one skiff may not see much extra profit but as you add more ships this compounds)

Skiffs can now also get more tank but need to give up yield to make the most of it.

They lost 1500hp from shields and lost a mid, but gained a low and now have 6% to shield and armor resists rather than 4% to shields

Mining in something like an ore belt also opens you up to using B type crystals where you reduce your cycle time further. However mining in standard anoms or on moons this will reduce the total yield do to higher waste


So then why do it at all if it’s a net zero?

There is a chance to reduce waste, but really waste only matters if you have a rare and valuable resource you are mining.

If you mine veldspar and waste as much as you mine, but at the end of the day there is still more veldspar to be had, waste is moot. If you use a T1 laser, you are in the same boat as today.

If you have ice that spawns in your area once every 4 hours and is mined out in the first hour, waste might be something you are concerned with. If you use faction lasers, you can mine twice as much ice from the same spawn.

@Peaceful_Industrialist_Miner , I just checked and here is an update.

Your Ore Mining Mindlink still works, but the Orca no longer gets any bonuses towards Shield Command Links, so that might be why people are saying to remove it. The Mining Command Links still get bonuses, so I would keep it for that at least.

I don’t have numbers on procurers, but here is what I have on Skiffs, and this is totally based on your fittings. I ran these numbers with 1 orca and 1 skiff. Current setup is based off T1 lasers.

  • No Indy Core/T1 Miners - 66% current yield
  • T1 Core/T1 Miners or T1 Core/A1 Miners- 82%
  • T2 Core/T1 Miners or T2 Core/A1 Miners- 87%
  • T1 Core/A2 Miners - 94%
  • T2 Core/A2 Miners - 99%
  • T2 Core/B2 Miners - 117%

Tank is still pretty solid. If you want more into let me know.

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i know this is oldschool

but why not giving the single player miner an opportunity to have a better mining output if they do a mini game - like this one here …

i know oldschool.

But what if the miner (a single miner), not a multiboxer, can mine like say twice if he use that minigame ? I dont understand CCP here.

I’m not just referring to Multiboxers here, but why should a solo miner make more than a group? Way back in the day, before boosting, a solo miner made less because you either had a low yield/high cargo indy to mine in or a high yield/low cargo BS. Either way you lost something being alone. Grab a friend and you now have a miner and a hauler.

The problem is that more players want to play solo with a single account and expect to make as much as someone working in a team.


Hey Lugues,

i got that point. i do not have the problem if a single miner miners twice as much from me, because i dont mine for profit, i mine for fun.

And if i am sitting in the belt with 5 skiffs and mine there, this is just fun and cash.

But its unfair - if i see a single miner, Thats why i often offer boosts for free, having no “active” benefit - if he has to do something like in the video above.

If he wants to go afk. He can do that, but the mining yieild should be less, instead if he is playing not afk.

But this is only my 2 cents

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I am having a hard time following this statement. If you are saying that his not having boosts because he is alone is unfair and you provide boosts, that is the whole point of working in a group. As for working in a group he makes more.

And this part is more on point and was not what you said in your first. You want “Active” players to make more than “AFK” players. The whole “AFK” mining is a discussion I am not in the mood for tonight, but typically an “Active” miner already makes more than an “AFK” miner so why add clicks to the game just for clicking sake?


yeah to be honest. If you are mining, what are you doing, do you active watching the cycle running around in circles ? Or do you do anything of action in that part ? Maybe chatting, ok ? But active mining looks for me different.

I play with so much accounts, because, i need something to do … and with 7 accounts i have enough to do. If i mine with 1 char, i got bored like hell…

And if that one players get more than me ? What is this ? A penis comparsion ? Hey he did a important stuff ? Or is it needed, that the Triglavians kill jita, and all systems nearby, that someone realize, that a miner is important ?

Sorry, Miner, or better Resources are important of eve. If you generate Resources out of nothing (for example, by ratting and Reproccessing the loot), - in my opinion is the wrong way.

But hey, i am not that one who decides it. I just try to help out a bit.