From Extraction to Production


We have just released a development blog discussing a large set of upcoming changes. These will be available on the Singularity test server later today for everyone to play around with.

As part of the New Dawn update, the foundations that have been built will be expanded upon and there will be full transition into the redistribution phase with a comprehensive update to mining and a balance pass to industry, including the above points and more. The goal is to provide players with more opportunity for resource gathering, better agency for efficient production, and to facilitate the transportation of materials.

Updates/Dev Feedback:

Via CCP Psych 13 NOV

Via CCP Psych 19 NOV
New thread created to discuss updates based on feedback and testing:




ley woot

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Quick review: Works for me.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Doubling resource quantity of

  • Ore in asteroids belts

What about the asteroid belts that were removed? Half of the cluster does not have belts anymore.

It is becoming less feasible to solo mine in them since the drone mining yield for both the Orca and Rorqual is being reduced. It will nonetheless play a vital role in space as mentioned before - in being a support mining ship – both for boosting fleets and compressing.

Okay, case in point: CCP does not learn. After at least 5 yield nerfs to the Rorqual that did not result in any improvements to the incredible mineral influx, CCP just does another round of yield nerfs. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Instead of fixing the Rorquals, they just keep repeating pointless things. Amazing.

it is pivotal to get players’ eyes on it, as with anything this big there are bound to be things that need a re-review,

Is it? If it were for you, you would not introduce all this unnecessary stuff and would not make things more difficult for no good reason.


Double of next to nothing is still garbage, what a joke! What about all the asteroid belts and anoms removed?


“Rorqual will no longer be the best solo-mining platform”

Oh good, I’ve been looking for a way to save money. It was either make more isk or cancel most of my 7 omega accounts. Looks like CCP chose the latter for me, thank you CCP.


I had no expectations and I’m still disappointed.


Just one player’s opinion: Sounds good in general. Nice to see the Orca being balanced out as a mini-Rorqual. It’ll be nice when things are more affordable again


You mean it will be nice if things are more affordable again.


Wait for the salt! It’s coming I can feel it! Great proposed changes :salt: :salt:


The spreadsheet lists Indy core 1 as having a 100% bonus to drone mining yield, instead of 400%, but the T2 lists the new as still being 500% with no value for the old, did someone accidentally drag a cell here and overwrite the “new” value with the old?


The Mining Burst strength for the new T1 industrial core is also the same as for the current one ingame.

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cost of ships will go up, its the rorq’s that have been getting the resources needed to build everything.


So you put ice at 200% more in a cluster, but a rorqual or orca now produces 1 waste per excavator coming back and also introducing a loss when compressing it. So what you actually mean is Ice Belts now only contain 75% of the value before.


not sure how that works 1 waste per excavator as they only mine 1 per anyways

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Not to mention that from the looks of things people who mine with lower-tier mining lasers will have a negative effect on the yield of everyone else in the area, unless I’m misreading.

This definitely won’t massively increase the amount of toxcicity in the game! Mechanics where your weakness has a significant detrimental effect on everyone else around you don’t produce horribly toxic communities. That’s why MOBAs are paragons of excellent communities.

EDIT: Yeah, no, that’s exactly how this works. Your yield is the same but you get “extra” resources that just disappear from the asteroid. Meaning if you have people that are mining with T1 lasers they’re reducing the total amount that everyone can mine.



So people will likely buy injectors to move to higher Tier mods or sell plex to fund their new modules…


**Hulk is now on the spreadsheet, removing comment

looking at the spreadsheet Ice Excavators will be equal to Hulk fitter Ice miners