More nerfs? If i return i'll earn less? enticing

Should i pay money to return to a game that has been made even more grindy?

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You can always return to game as Alpha and see by yourself, if current state of game is something that you are OK with, or not. Then you can decide, if it’s worth your time and money investment to keep playing as Omega. It’s that simple.

Fly safe.



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Afk mining is now not as high yield total result as active mining. So all these people who VOWED they don’t afk alt/bot army mine are pissed.

Active mining, with active players who pay attention are at an advantage now. You know, miners who are actually players and put in their time and effort to be at the helm.

So any miner who is crying over this is either misinformed, gaslighted into thinking it’s bad for ALL miners or is part of the afk alt/bot army miners: the ones that made overabundance happen and forced us into scarcity.


Yeah so theres no actual change to the process of mining, just the yield.

Though I have to say, looking over the the new stuff, Im not sure why there’s a reduction in non-afk yields.

However, thats not the point. The point is everyone who said “I mine to relax” has no right to complain about the changes as the act of mining is the same as it always was.

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If you go for high yield crystals you destroy your asteroid faster meaning you have to hop asteroid more often which is a total ■■■■■ if you’re afking and gets complicated by running multiple accounts.

So you have to choose: mine faster or be able to mine more afk. I think it’s a brilliant system they thought up and I’m sure no miner will see a problem with it as they all state to be active miners who are never afk and they LOVE mining.

(I’m too old to type on a mobile, way too many edits).


I was under the impression if you didnt change anything then yields remained the same.

People posting PYFA pics in INformation Portal are suggesting otherwise.

In short: cant I just mine as I was doing before hand? Isnt that a viable choice?

Well that’s the point, it doesn’t really matter and you can choose what you want and don’t care about it.

It’s just that some folks, who only think about “numbers go up” might now “miss out” on yield. And it makes them go apeshit, like the grind bears they are.

Normal miners, active miners, newbies don’t care and aren’t negatively affected and in fact, if they choose to, benefit. And they indirectly benefit as well as the afk armies won’t be bringing in as much ore now meaning lower overall supply which means more value.


Cool cool thats all that matters to me.

I mine when I have no opportunity to do much else, I have an art comm to catch up on or need some ore to make a thing.

ITs a hiding to nothing to make it an income stream of any note, as it always has been.

I just utterly disagree with the (Im now thinking troll) OP that there’s more grinding. I think EvE has been at max grind for its entire life.

Finding the parts that arent, and/or you can enjoy for the act of doing them are the actual game parts.


Some just don’t understand the idea behind it, some have been gaslighted by others into thinking it’s bad, some are the ones doing the gaslighting. And some just troll, obviously.


True true.

I like pouring water on gas fires, regardless of the reasoning.

Though if they are anything like oil fires, in hindsight it could have saved my eyebrows.

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Well you would, if they didn’t double the size of rocks. Which they did.

Yes but that is now the new normal so that goes for everyone, and in that new normal they have the problems I stated.

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Unless the OP is a miner, the problem won’t be that he earned less. His problem will be that he earns the same amount of ISK for the same task, while the products from minerals, have become more scarce.

Active miners will always be a non-issue.
They will continue to do boring busy work for minimal isk, until they burn out. They will never earn big bucks from any kind of scarcity update, unless the non-miners somehow start earning more after other updates, to spend more on products and even then, the ISK would only become inflated, so only the nominal values would go up, not the wealth.

Less minerals in the game will, over time, always equal fewer/smaller/simpler ships and fits, for EVERYONE. No mineral, no production.

Passive miners have been nerfed at the “end of scarcity”, but all these guys did, was burning up their Omega subs to dump minerals on the market for very low prices, which meant more and bigger stuff for everyone else.

If the devs keep this up, a player skilled for big ships will eventually have to either downgrade, or put more effort in making more isk (grind), than the old vet next to him. Never can everyone have their old slice of the cake this way.

It was never about the small guy or about the miner. The big gamble played here, is how much the multi-account old timers are willing to put up with.

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If you are an Orca or Rorq pilot, it’s probably more grindy. If you’re a barge/exhumer pilot, it seems you have various options in tank and yield. From what I can tell, most of those are able to keep their mining yield the same or improved.

I don’t mine however so that’s just the impression from people I speak to who’ve actually fitted out ships. (Keep in mind some of the tooltips are currently showing inaccurate numbers, so you have to actually mine with the setup to see result.)

If you’re doing some other kind of farming, I don’t think there’s been much change.

Do you have any actual reference or numbers to base your “even more grindy” on, or is this just a bait-complaint because you’re too lazy to look up the numbers yourself?

As for paying to return, the answer is the same as always: if you think CCP is heading in the right direction with their changes, you should send them some money to let them know you approve.

If you think they’re heading in the wrong direction with their changes, then sending them more money is probably unwise.

Nah, true AFK-ers will love this update. Example: Put Orca into a highsec belt, find the 5 largest rocks and go close to them. Drones out, assign a drone to each rock, go to sleep. Let’s assume each rock had 10k m^3 which is more or less typical for the scarcity age high belts.

Before the update

  • The player stands up the next day, and his Orca has 50k m^3.

After the upgrade
Rock sizes were doubled so the 10k rocks now have 20k. The player does the same

  • With the same T2 drones he was probably using before the upgrade, he will have about 75k m^3
  • With T1 drones, he stands up the next day and has 100k m^3 instead

That’s a 50% ~ 100% buff for afk mining

That’s not what the average afk miner does, but nice try. Your previous attempt didn’t go so well either.

It is a prime example of hard-core afk-ing, buffed by this patch.

It’s also you who fails to deliver any explanations by how this patch would hurt bots, afk-ers or multiaccounters, which, as I explained in the main discussion thread for this upgrade, all 3 are profiting by these changes.

Nice try though. CCP would never introduce something that hurts the multi-accounters more then it hurts single accounters or alphas

Just like they would never introduce something that pisses people off like, idunno, scarcity and then run that for two years making grind bears rage quit their 17 alt accounts.


Hopefully very little and we can see an exodus of them.