Ten more reverting to Alpha

No need to run Omega on my miners anymore.


I wonder, will the (probably temporary) retirement of all these multiboxed fleets actually push the price of PLEX down enough so newer, casual players can compete for them?

So much for the much parroted wisdom that PLEX prices can only go up.


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Mineral scarcity and retiring miners = significantly higher prices for those who remain. It’s a good time to be a miner!


Plex is bad mkay? It’s whats ruining the game. CCP and now their Korean masters are micro-transaction “plex” drunk.


No one cares. Especially CCP.

No loss, you were not paying with cash anyway.

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High-Sec Mineral Cartel incoming…

Some people adapt to changes. Some people try to profit from changes. And some people complain.

Also, we can apparently expect even more complaining threads. Rumor has it that CCP is going to make additional changes that will affect the incomes of various careers.


If this game goes anymore micro transaction. I will never play again. ■■■■ if I bought CCP I would sack the dev team straight off.

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There was no need to sack the dev team. People quit.

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How is it micro transaction? You aren’t forced to buy anything…

True, true.

If you buy enough billions, are they still “micro” transactions?

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We’re you here when…CCP said Nooo, we will never do that?..

When plex was a single item.

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Still, you aren’t forced to buy PLEX. EVE has always been a subscription-based game. If you turn EVE into a job in order to farm billions of ISK in order to PLEX your account, that’s on you. Personally, I prefer to sub the old fashioned way and enjoy my game time without turning EVE into a farming simulator that I have to run 14 hours a day in order to stay Omega…


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