Gas Price Drop

Just wanted to let the developers know that due to the lessened demand and price drop of gas I no longer have interest in playing. My earned isk income essentially halfed so I dont feel like doing twice the work for half the isk. Omega should not be incresingly difficult to earn through hours and hours of gameplay. I’ll give money to another company and enjoy another game. Thank you.


I also noticed Relic and Data sites in wormholes started to drop to next to nothing. I had 5 IRL friends quitte with scarcity a few years ago, I returned after two years but they didn’t. But I also don’t feel like paying for 3 omega accounts anymore if this is the new trend. I pay for the accounts with cash not ingame via plex, but I have anough plex to play a few years without paying.

Contract me your stuff before you go.


It’s really high time that CCP does something about gas after all these changes that first introduced gas into everything and then removed it again.

Getting the popcorn and recliner chair. :popcorn: :popcorn: :chair: :chair:

Wow Inflation in a pixel game hurts also!?

Talk to a single boxer incursion runner where fleets are more infrequent than (insert joke here).


That’s not how that works.


Omega is not difficult to earn at all, if you give money to proper company.

I don’t think it should be able to be earned at all. I understand the reason for plex is probally to stop isk sellers much like WoW’s token but if you can’t afford to cash omega then your priorities should be elsewhere.

And I’ve Never understood why people grind to play in any paid subscription game. You’d be better off time wise grinding online surveys.

Sure if you get economies of scale and get to a point you can omega easily then why not. But using a large chunk of your playtime to grind omega seems a strange use of time.


^ This. I’ll never understand why some players insist on turning EVE into a second job.


That’s exactly how offer and demand works.

It is not about not being able to afford it and about voting with your wallet. I will not pay $25 a month to play this game. Maybe less. Be a smart consumer.

Yes I understand, but you are smart enough to understand the sentiment. You know well I mean I will have to work twice as hard for the same input. Then end result in either or is still not worth it is all I mean.

Work 1 or 2 hours at literally any job on this planet and just buy an Omega sub, then do whatever you want in the game. It’s that simple.


This comment is very immature. Sorry your input had nothing of value or was not a quality reply.

Haha sorry, I will monitor the situation and may return when farmed goods do not tank 50% in value.

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My guy. I am a single account incursion runner. I don’t have 10 vargur accounts churning out 200mil + an hr.

We are lucky to have a fleet maybe once a day and maybe for more than 3hrs.

Your struggles are not better than all of our struggles with inflation.

Higher plex price = I need to run fleet more = more time goes to pay BILLS = LESS MONEY for fun things like gambling on abyssals.

RL inflation actually hurts families. More money needed = more work needed = more money goes to bills = less money goes to fun stuff. (Like EVE online :sweat_smile:)



the hit to gas prices really hurt solo miners in low sec. and now hiding ship components behind a pirate LP store buffs bots in npc null sec (like curse, which is bot haven). try earning LP in a region like curse. you’ll be hunted down for entering local and disrupting bot scripts.

because that’s the only way to make money in EvE?

kinda pathetic and defeatist, but I expect that in the forums. :grin:


Sounds like I need to roll 20 more Omega accounts and 24/7 cloaky camp in Curse…