Omega price

So with the lack of promised new content justifying price hike it’ll be scrapped immediately right? …right?

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I can cancel subscriptions without anyone’s help.

Out of idle curiosity, would you, or any of the guys upset about the price increase be happier if there was a “middle tier” subscription plan?

For example, with Omega, you get access to all omega skills/items, double training rate, omega login rewards, and soon, increased ability to earn interbus credits. But what about if there was a more modestly priced sub plan that allowed players to retain access to omega skills and train omega skills at the alpha rate, but didn’t give the other omega bonuses?

Of course, there are different ways you could structure the tiers in terms of prices and benefits, but I do know that other games have different tiers. So, perhaps something like that might work for Eve. Or would players view it as making Eve more P2W?

You can already access large parts of the game for free, which is something I never really thought would happen. I’ve been expecting a price increase for a long, long time.

When CCP decided to up the price, they expected people like you to stop paying. You cancelling your subscription isn’t that big of a deal.


Honestly meat idea, I personally can plex my accoumts with just the in game activities but this means that my alts are going alpha and inevitably both changes to plex and separately chanhes to omega will push price of ingame plex up if that would mean that I can no longer afford full omega without grinding my ass out but I would have the alternative for half the price (250 plex) that would allow me to do the only thig left fun in this game (because ccp has the least to say in it) pvp then absolutely. I believe something like this exists in eve echoes with omega and omega with 2x training speed separated.

Maybe my 3 accounts aren’t that big deal but losing thousands of players due to game stagnation over last years should be? No?

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Then cancel it instead of talking about this. It looks weak! Grow yourself some balls and do it. Only the weak do only threat all the time. Seems like a nu-male thing :wink:

All this blabla everywhere.


I guess some people never learn basic reading comprehension?

It‘s called perception. This is what I see everywhere and incl. here without necessarily checking with every human being in detail.

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