Haven't played in a month

Both my accounts are Alpha. I stocked up to pvp as a alpha but havent even logged in. I pull up the logon screen, see the pcu for ustz and log off.

Lower the cost of omega to $10 usd and the pcu will rise. I might come back. 90% of my time playing was spent doing unenjoyable tasks just to pvp. Its such a grind fest now.

CCP hasn’t developed anything meaningful in a lonnng time. Remove the ISD’s and half the devs. Revert back to what players are asking you for and enjoy the passive income.


I agree that CCP probably would have actually made more money, and added more players, by reducing the price or offering better deals on packages. Especially “time to try EVE again” deals combined with some interesting new content.

As it is, the price increase is almost certainly going to cost them both money and players. But that’s the way CCP rolls: losing players? No problem. Let’s double down on the stupid, that’ll work.

I’m curious though - in the time slots I generally use, player count on the launcher is down about 20% from the range I’m used to seeing over the past 4 years or so (granted that’s varied a bit over time).

What is the difference you’re seeing that causes to log off without even checking the game?

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not sure what he is seeing or when…but the past 3 days,
between 5pm and 7pm EST the little number in the corner has been reading as low as 16k and some change…

and by midnight it can be low as 12k

$10/omega and $6 per alt account. CCP will swim in cash flow.

It was hard enough to get people to try a $15/month game. Now my friends see the sub cost and just laugh.


Yep 12k. Thats boring :sleeping:. Besides I bought V Rising for $21. Think I got Valheim for the same a month before.

What, you don’t want the boosters that don’t apply to your characters skills or playstyle? You don’t like the random filament they offer in between the only 2 things players GAF about which are skillpoints and skins???

The game isn’t even a shadow of it’s former, glorious self. Everything is bind-on-equip.

The market is 100% BS because in no logical, rational coherent sense would PLEX be DROPPING in price right now.

The game is a lie at this point. Just a Jita Local scam on all of us by CCP.

It is 11 atm.

The funny thing is if it was like that people would just get 2 or 3 more alt’s and end up paying more per month and be happier about it. But it would have to have that for the 1 month sub as well people don’t seem to like investing long term.

Best they could do tbh would be:
14 for 1 month, 13 for 3, 12 for 6, 11 for 1 year and 10 for 2 years for main account, then for linked account’s 20% discount to those amount’s.

CCP would get less per char but more per person. People would think ■■■■ If I’m spending 20 now for 1 month then after the change they will think If I swap to 6 months I can get my alt as well then think ■■■■ it might as well get a 3rd alt sub it for 6months while I train it up then farm isk and plex that 3rd account while paying for the 2 which still works out well for ccp as it increases demand on plex and plex buying.

but it would become alt’s online and the launcher numbers would be artificially inflated and everyone would think the game is doing really well again.

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Come play EQ2; a new server, Varsoon, just opened and it’s packed.


Because Dr. Who is Over
The price is too dam high
One nerf too many
obligatory its summer so Eve is dieing because I don’t play… thread.

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No, they won’t.

The problem isn’t money, but that CCP is trying to eat from its bowl of hot soup with a spoon in each hand, while wearing nothing but a pair of thin shorts (this will make more sense shortly).

There exist two groups of people who don’t play EVE:

  1. The “I’m not playing that dumb spreadsheet griefer game” group
  2. The “I’m not playing that game after they removed everything fun” group

The decline (the big one) started way before the price hike went into effect. CCP tried to take their niche game and make it palatable for the mass market, and in the end could satisfy neither. They couldn’t retain their hardcore players because the game wasn’t hardcore enough anymore, but they also couldn’t attract conventional/casual gamers because the game still makes it very much possible to pew their ships.

Take a game like Rust or DayZ, for example. What do you think would happen if those games’ devs suddenly made changes to allow players to spawn entire pre-built bases, and things like high-end ammunition and explosives could be found under every bush? The dedicated community would leave, but the casuals still wouldn’t start playing because it would be still possible to shoot other players, and they’d continue to spam the forums about with demands for PvE servers and how they’ll only play if the “griefing is addressed.”

And so, CCP scoops up two spoonfuls of soup and brings them toward its mouth, but the spoons collide, dumping their contents directly into their lap and onto their scantily-protected bollocks.

If the game was still revolutionary, people would be lining up to pay regardless of the price. Now all we have is station timers and AFK Orca mining. EVE’s major saving grace is that the rest of the MMO industry is filled with even bigger garbage, so it’s still like in the top 2-3 choices for massive open-world games.


As usual you’ve got just one axe to grind, “EVE is just for the carebears now and the hardcore is gone”, and you’re trying to bend every situation in EVE to fit that.

The problem is partially about money, but really it’s more about the value proposition of EVE.

The simple fact is that people have a lot of choices and places to spend their free time these days, and a lot of competition for their dollars. Plenty of people can afford $10-15-20 per month… if they believed they were receiving value for that money.

If you reduce the cost of the game, you increase the value proposition. @Xuixien may be exaggerating with “CCP will swim in cash flow” but $10 or $12 Omega plus a discount on alts would absolutely increase the number of subs and alts currently active. Probably enough to increase their total income.

If you increase the cost of the game without adding any value whatsoever, then you’ve simply constructed another barrier where potential subs can compare their value from EVE with other options and make other choices. CCP will certainly lose subs, alts, and players from the price increase. They might maintain income levels if enough subs stick at the higher place, but they will certainly lose players and convert many paid accounts to Alpha.

As is too often the case, CCP did exactly the opposite of what’s needed to insure the future viability of the game. Heck knows why they’re so determined to shoot themselves in the foot all the time.

Bottom line, this move will cost CCP subs and players, and become a barrier to entry for future new players. I’m not sure how CCP can still be talking about “EVE Forever” with these actions, but I do not think those words mean what they think it means.

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I just felt this needed quoting.

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