CCP, could you not scam new players please?

If I recently started an mmo and wasn’t too invested yet, I would uninstall on the spot seeing this.
It has a combined value of 5$ Plex and ~800mil isk in ingame items.

The heck are you thinking? What do you think does this do to the trust your playerbase has into you?
In the recent past ~1 year you are taking a game that has worked well for 2 decades, slaughtering it to maybe get double profits for a year and kill the whole thing in the process.
Every f*in time a dev comes around with “we are being bought out, but don’t worry, nothing will change” you can bet half your testicles that things will change drastically.

Anyway, few people read this and nobody cares anyway.
Enjoy your whaling while it lasts, but please don’t dare running around stating you care about the community or the game or anything outside of short term profits so you can sell this ■■■■ for a nice retirement and let it burn afterwards.



The marketing is very agressive from CCP, especially the new notification icons for “sales” to very new players. I guess it’s in their interest to make money, as a business. Otherwise, who is going to pay all the employee’s wages (and Pearl Abyss’ shareholders).

I’m not in agreement with it exactly, but additionally, I do like playing EVE and they do need new players.

This thread probably isn’t going anywhere and I’m probably wasting my time typing this.


New players (alphas specifically) do not make ccp any money. So the incentives to buy plex etc has been turned up a notch to help encourage them to spend money or eventually become omega.


Yes we really needed another post about this because we didn’t know it was happening and we were very much waiting for the OP’s opinion on this, for us to form our own.

Thank you for this amazingly useful insight.

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Well, I don’t know what the value of the items were before CCP started selling the pack, but it stands to reason that the pack has caused the value of those items to go down over time.

But yeah, it’s a bad deal, and it circumvents the player economy for SP and the other items it includes. So, yay for that.

No P2W


I mean, the pack is such awful value that I don’t think it’s going to depress the prices of items in it much.
I’d complain about the precedent but we are waaay beyond that now.


At least it doesn’t have random loot boxes… yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Does that means that if I take that bet I’ll end up with two testicles and a half?

I think they’re thinking cha-ching! it’s clear they’re not thinking about giving the players the best experience they can give them and all I read from the CCP fanboys are excuses and hollow arguments as to why EVE isn’t all it can be.
Few weeks ago I was eager to get on the game. Now, I think of it as chore.

Sounds like a rant now… in before lock.

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Depends how many testicles the loser has, testicles come in pairs usually so you would end up with 3 testicles if they had a normal number, you would only get half a testicle if they were missing one, and if they had an extra you could make it out with 1.5 extra testicles


He hasn’t mentioned who I’d be betting against but regardless, I’d end up with two and half testicles, I don’t care he’d have to go get it,

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CCP gotta start thinking long term gains.


That was very enlightening ! \o/ Thank you :just why half ? If there is two half of it makes one testicle right ?

Note: I did not study testiclemath. I cant claim im a specialist .

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Oh, what a missed opportunity. You should have called it… testicalculus.

I’m not mad… just disappointed.


I was about to call my space lawyer again because CCP is selling skillpoints and I am outraged. But, this extra half testicle might make it worth it.


My english isnot enough good to play with words man I can barely explain myself in english and whenever someone cannot keep up the discussion with me and can not know how to challenge the idea , they begin to language blaming me and ■■■■ posting … doesnt really help me to develop .


The Goose that Laid Golden Eggs

Too much greed always leads to great loss.

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One testicle not half. There are 2 of them half of the testicles makes 1 testicle .
Half testicle is a quarter .

Not : im anot testicalculus professor but @Shipwreck_Jones is ! Ask to him . Im humbling myself and apology that i mis spelled the name of specialisation.
Yea well i dont have testicles either so not my department even …
Note 2 : But I know how to treat it and cook it both on the fire and stir fry

I see. Well, I was just messing around. “I’m not mad, just disappointed” is something dad’s sometimes say when their kids do something stupid, like get suspended or burning down the bushes with fireworks. But, adult friends will sometimes say it to each other to tease them when they fail at something that doesn’t really matter.

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I don’t mind that CCP offers players these packs. The contents are known, players can decide for themselves if they want to spend money on those items and apart from the SP farms the packs don’t compete with the ingame economy from what I can tell.

What I do mind is when CCP spams PLEX adverts ingame to players that just lost their first ship:

(Context: CONCORD blew up my alt a while ago)

Many games have shops for players who are willing to spend more money on the game and that’s fine.
Just please don’t shove it in our face while we’re playing.


You were right …That was a really bad missed opportunity to hit the ball to the nets … sniff sniff … yhea im still sad

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