CCP, could you not scam new players please?

The people to blame are those who encourage ccp by buying it.

Ccp are a company. Thats the clue that they exist to scam you


“This thread probably isn’t going anywhere and I’m probably wasting my time typing this.”

Looking at the very fruitful testicle betting strategy discussion I bet you feel dum now :3

And for everyone else: Yes this is a useless rant, yes everyone knows about this ■■■■. Just had to vent, since I care a notch about this game. Sue me. Obviously nobody should voice their opinion about the game. Or any product they use. Or politics. Or anything really. Should just take it up the hole and swallow whatever entities throw at us in silence.
Go do some instanced pvp, play some hypernet, buy garbage packs, and enjoy unbreakable systems due to server issues and wonder why eve is content starved.
Brb, autopiloting a 1b tengu through NS without being jumped

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Go have a look in the mirror.

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what are you talking about ccp scam old players too .the other day gm helped a player to rob a reserve bank .Then there was the gm with the titan . When u got the god mode button lol

All they need is stop screwing game mechanics… then new players will come naturally.


No you just have that with abyssal sites, somewhat emulating Path of Exile behaviour with loot chest and vaal orbing for items.

It’s true that CCP’s marketing appears to have gone “full exploit”. For about the past 3 years now I don’t think I’ve seen a single package or special that actually represents a ‘deal’ (unless you are really into skins perhaps).

However as pointed out in other threads, as long as the packs are selling then CCP will keep making them. If people are dumb enough to buy overpriced crap then CCP will sell them overpriced crap, because actual pride in their product isn’t a CCP thing for a long time now.

Spend your efforts getting people to stop sending money to CCP and sending feedback direct to CCP on why they have stopped, and you might see some impact. In the meantime, well, fools and their money and all that.


Half a testicle is half “a testicle”, so that’s literal.

Half of one’s testicles implies a whole testicle.
Untess one is a testicle collector…

—Gadget is not.

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