Destroyer pack, is it worth it?

Hello all, I just started playing and the game keeps bombarding me with an offer for a destroyer pack. It’s a timed offer so I’m kinda curious if it’s something I should get at this point.

Also, IF I were to invest in to the game (not sure yet, I’m used to Elite Dangerous and want to try trading here) which pack(s) or upgrades should I get?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All of those packs are widely regarded as NOT worth it. When they first came out, we were confused. The current theory is that CCP will someday implement a 50% discount that will make them worthwhile. At best, the packs that they try to sell you are about 80% of the retail value, so not really much of a discount.

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you don’t need to buy packs to trade. do some PVE and the early career agents and tutorial, make some isk, and start buying and selling stuff.


Hey thank you for your reply. Well, it IS at a discount but I’m not sure if you already accounted for that.

From both replies it seems clear that, generally, it’s not worth it and while I’m happy that there are no “must have” things to buy at the same time I’m kinda bewildered by how the packs they offer don’t seem to be more enticing?

I hesitate to break it down like this, but:
Destroyer: Dollar value - nil
SKIN: Some vanity value, but not of any practical value
Ship Insurance: Nil
Fittings for the Ship: Nil
Skills: Nil
100 Plex: You don’t need this, but you can but 110 PLEX for $4.99 directly from the website:

It isn’t a terrible deal - it is just not a deal at all.


OK, thank you for the detailed explanation.

For you, and any other newbros that might read this, the absolute best thing you can spend your money on as a newbro is an omega subscription. You’ll get double the training speed, and unlock every ship and item in the game.


There is 1 pack that is a worthwhile investment for new players at regular price. The new “starter pack” is only available through 3rd party resellers - CCP doesn’t offer it themselves.

You get 7 day’s Omega, 256K skill points and a cerebral accelerator that works until your character is 30 days old. There are also some vanity items that may or may not have any value for you but it’s a fair deal for $4.99


Created an alt on steam for the free starter pack/skins promotion currently going on. The offer they gave my steam alt is SLIGHTLY better: everything included in OP’s offer plus 1 month of omega at 12.50 USD. Not exactly the hottest deal on the block indeed, but it’s one way to get the discounted game time I suppose…

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