The NEW release of "Packs" - formerly "DLC" with an initial comparison

I don’t know what to say. I have just looked at the new “Packs” available and I am unsure how to react.

As a starting point I compared the “old Starter Pack” and the “new Bronze Pack”.

Old: £4.99 New: £8.49.

Ok, so we all knew it would be adjusted content in the new packs so what did we get offered?

Old (£4.99):

  • One million Skill Points
  • One Standard Cerebral Accelerator
  • Incursus Serpentis SKIN
  • Merlin Matigu Seabeast SKIN
  • Punisher Raata Sunset SKIN
  • Rifter Blue Tiger SKIN
  • Men’s Marshal Jacket (Blood Raiders)
  • Women’s Gunner Jacket (Blood Raiders

New (£8.49):

  • 250k Skill Points
  • 60 PLEX
  • (I think) 4 Skins (tee hee!)
  • Men’s SOE Expeditionary Suit
  • Women’s SOE Expeditionary Suit

Erm… Wut? I know what I ‘want’ to say about it but I have not yet as I do not know how to properly word it but I am pretty sure it won’t be very polite when I do.

Please discuss and share your thoughts on this and the changes to the other packs so I may hopefully find the right words to express my feelings on this :smiley:


Give less for bigger price. CCP at it’s finest…


I think it’s funny that it’s another “One time per Account” thing for these packs. Till they do it the next time. Why not give the customer options on something they can buy multiple times instead?

Yeah they are pretty bad, I didn’t even know about the “DLC” until there was a “last chance to buy” and I assumed it would be changed at the end of the week and not one on a Tuesday. Going through them, they are piss poor value and I would laugh at anyone who bought one.

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Yah, every time I create an account, CCP gets an easy $5 from me for the starter pack. They will no longer make anything, because I’m not paying twice as much for 1/4 the SP :(.

They should have at least kept the normal starter pack, I’d be happy with that :smiley:


That is one of the major problems I have with this - the SPs. So far (because let’s be honest here once you start making multiple accounts and using all the slots you don’t stop) I had bought that Starter Pack for all of the accounts I have set up as well as a few times purchasing a couple of the others. The SPs in the Starter Pack were pretty much an automatic £5 to spend when setting up yet another account and £10.99 for 30 days Omega and 110 PLEX meant that you, in essence, paid £0.99 for 110 PLEX once per account too…

These ones? Nah…

Yeah unless these are a “we’re planning to discount often to entice a purchase” they are totally not worth their cost.

I’m sorry but I haven’t been playing long enough to have been here when what I now consider to be the “old packs” were introduced so I just wanted to clarify something.

Are you saying that people, when the “Starter Pack” was first brought in, complained that you could buy 1mil SP - essentially 2 Large Skill Injectors but without the ‘scaling’ they have - for £5/$5? And thet they considered them a bad thing?

Less skill points, but with Plex you can sell and buy injectors in game, to equal the old skill point amounts.
For more real life money… well almost enough Plex…

Yes, the pay to win “community” was in a huge uproar about it when the starter packs were released.

Yeah but… “Pay2Win” means buying your way to the end. A bit different from “buying 1mil SPs only once for one account that has 3 chars and doesn’t really get you much closer to the end that doesn’t exist in a sandbox” though.

Oh wait - I forgot. Internet forums. Of course people complained! Sorry, should have thought it through before asking…


Well, not sure what is happening with the pound but in US dollars it is $9.99 and the non-sale price before was $14.99.

I think this pack is better for new players because the mix of SP and plex means they can train up a modest ship and afford to buy it.

the non-sale price of what? The starter pack was $5, and have 4x the amount of SP as this new $10 pack does.

It isn’t about inflation or relative value of the currencies, it is just CCP being lazy. If it costs 9.99 it also costs £9.99 and E9.99 (can't find the Euro symbol). I mean, it isn't about the /£/E price comparison, it is about how you get much less in the re-worked pack value-wise for a higher cost.

Ok, you get 500 PLEX and that is great and all but honestly - can you get 750k SPs applied to your account for the isk that will get you - especially now the PLEX price (I think / believe without any actual facts to back it up ofc) will fluctuate a lot again for a while now that you can get 500 for this relatively small amount? I mean, taking into account that the SPs received is scaled with the injectors whereas this was a straight-up 1mil points?
Additionally, the booster you previously got was - again ONLY in my personal opinion and with no facts or data to support this - a GREAT thing for the genuine new players. Buy it, consume it and for your first 35 days your 5 attributes go up by 3 points each, you get… +20%? to your damage and… damn. There was something else it did but I can’t remember, sorry.

But I get the point you are making and that is why I did a “I am pretty sure I don’t like it but will hold off on the ranting until I know for sure” to start with cos… I haven’t thought about it or heard enough from others as yet to justify going off on one about it.

Edit: Not sure why but it isn’t letting the dollar sign I am putting in be posted.

No that 4.99 pack was limited to 30 day accounts.

I only use it on new accounts these days to get a free million SP for new alts, but I know I applied it to every account I had when it first came out.

Is the 30 day thing something they changed after the fact?

The new starter packs are shite, I certainly won’t be spending any money on this unless they up them to 1 million SP

Not really, the booster was only available to characters less than 30 days old, but anyone could buy the pack and get 1 million SP injection


For the purpose you guys are using them for, it’s less.

For a new player that skilled up to cruiser and was able to buy and fit one as well, it is more.

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No, after the initial error, only accounts under 30 days could even buy the thing.