Skill Point Resurgence

I just got an offer to straight-up buy 1.6 million skill points, direct from CCP.

I wanted to be outraged, but I am so exhausted with this stuff that I am not even surprised anymore.


I got that offer, too, on a char that has been training uninterrupted since 2011. And I can’t even check the offer before I log in.

Funny thing is: 1.6M SP for 44 Euros costs you more than subscribing for 3 months and you get much less SP than if you train for 3 months. This must be the “sweet spot” for monetization schemes and “helpful attitude” that Rattati talked about on the stream with Oz. :innocent:


IIRC this offer is supposed to be sent on accounts that have not logged in for X period, as a way to ‘catch up on missed training time’ - basically if they had been subbed and logged in for that same X period, this is the average SP they would have earned, and the cost is in the ballpark of what the sub would have cost.

The account I got this mail on was logged in yesterday. :thinking:


edited to add supposed lol


They might have sent it to me because I did not renew my multiple character training baloney.

Sounds like they’re getting rather desperate for cash …




  • This is fine, it’s for new players that need to catch up
  • CCP is a business
  • This is not different that buying SP on the market, so it’s not pay2win (also you can’t win EVE, so nothing they ever do is possibly pay2win you scrub)

Meh. There’s been an offer to straight up buy 1.5M SP plus a booster for $40 USD since forever. I used up all my outrage on that one.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Welcome to crony capitalism.
Its everywhere

It’s just marketing. They’re trying to make you feel like you are one of the special ones that are “invited” to spend money on this offer only you can take advantage of.

I just checked through some of my 20+ accts and every single one of them had this offer attached. Whether they’re currently subbed, occasionally subbed, or haven’t been subbed for years.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I only had the offer extended to 2 of my 19 accounts… I’m a little offended.

Terrible path for CCP, but still offended.


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In a Venn Diagram, at no point would ‘Skill Point Resurgence’ and ‘Crony Capitalism’ intersect.

Keep on truckin’, buddy.

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Did you guys think EVE existed to provide you with gaming enjoyment because you’re so spacial?

Funny, you all want to get ISK-rich but the company isn’t allowed to get dollar-rich or what?


Yup can confirm e-mail for 1.6 mill sp received for my main acc, my character has not stopped training still is training, and has been offered the exact same deal. No idea what CCP is playing at. I’m rather bemused at this point. Sub has not been canceled either. If I had the real-world cash I’d probably take them up on the offer, unfortunately, I do not at this time. Oh well maybe next time CCP. o7

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I got it this morning

I got it on one of my two accounts. I’m toying with the idea because im a 9 year old player with only 46 Mil SP’s. I could use the catch-up. Both this account and my other “main” have their skill queues maxxed at 50, with extra skills listed on a notepad app on my phone. LOL.

Dray Cil

I haven’t received anything like that but you can be sure I will buy the SP. Yea, in a freaking heartbeat. Not only it allows me to advance my character but I will feel good for supporting the developers.

When the SP grinding will be implemented, it will be pretty nice offer I think.


I think so too.