Skill Point Resurgence

I am also discriminated as only less than half of my accounts got that offer.

And sorry, no, I won’t shell out any amount into this cash-grab

Didn’t someone say at some point of time that skillpoints don’t spawn out of thin air?

What bothers me about this is that the offer is specifically made to the original character I created on the account. I then made Carn Uta on the same account and stuck with him. The offer is even addressed to Carn Uta, but tells me the sp is for the original character only. The one that hasn’t trained in five years, or so. Is there a way I can make Carn Uta the ‘senior’ character on the account?

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I’m sure they just put the skillpoints in your redeem pile. You can assign it to any character on the account.


I haven’t got any offer , CCP has failed !

You would think. But I wouldn’t assume.

And to those that didn’t get the offer. It’s good until May…that’s a LONG time. They may be sending them out in batches.

Dray Cil

so they are open

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Titan V, here I come!

No offer here sadly :frowning:

Are those the “didn’t get the offer” looking in their inbox only? Or are they logging in to their acct management page to see if it’s available or not?

As I said above, every acct I checked has the offer available even though I received only one email for one acct.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I got the offer on every one of my accounts. Oddly the amount of SP is exactly the same even though some were in the past unsubbed for different amounts of time or never missed subbing for many years. Looks like some odd marketing tactic - make you feel you are behind or something so you spend money on SP to “catch up”. I guess that motivation to “catch up” is supposed to make you lose your mind enough to not realize what a terrible deal it is as well. Less than a month of SP for more than double a month worth of RL$$$.

Not only that but the SP is out of thin air. Injectors are one thing, but this is on another level. CCP is reaching new lows.


CCP has been selling SP out of thin air for quite a while. Since way back when you could buy a million SP for under $5.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I actually bought the $5 one. Shame on me?


Shame on you and me both, then.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:



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Here either but I’m expecting it.

“make a triumphant return to New Eden”
Dear CCP.
I am playing since 2009 and have around + - 95 million SP. I am in no need of 1,6m Skillpoints.
“to catch up with all the training time you have missed.”
Please stop bulling me with your condescending tone in your email.

Please gank pearl abyss


I made a table to see how it compares to other methods of acquiring SP, along with a few training scenarios:

This is much more efficient for older characters than for new characters “catching up.”

Training is still much more effective overall than any injection method. I have a feeling that they’re going to nerf training soon, considering just how much more efficient it is. And they’re starting to talk about it too with regard to SP grinding…

Better start stockpiling your SP.


I have 272mil SP, they sell 1.6mil for 45 bucks without game time? That would be $7650. I’m pretty sure I didn’t pay that much in the 10 years I was subbed.

Good luck “catching up”

Also I said this would eventually happen back when the whole extractor thing started. That’s when and why I stopped giving them money. I rather I was wrong,


i got this too , but two emails on a couple of accounts including Argggs ,once in pounds and once in dollars all on the same email. Classic CCP.