Cash for XP

Skill Point Resurgence - Over 1.6m SP!

Limited time offer available now

Greetings X,

You still have time to rise like a phoenix and make a triumphant return to New Eden with the Skill Point Resurgence offer! Until 5 November, you can get 1,620,000 Skill Points for $39.99 to catch up with all the training time you have missed. Claim your offer today [in the EVE Store]

Oof, so we’re just going full hog with that straight pay for XP thing? No veil of using the in game market just whole hog “Give me cash”?



This was a limited offer only provided to players who’ve had their Omega subscriptions lapse to Alpha and was not made available for general purchase.

Also, you’re late to the “grr CCP” party because we’ve already had SP bundles sales since earlier this year.

Beyond all that, both of these packs are only purchasable once per account. So calm your tits, it’s not the end of the world.

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I think I bought 1 million skillpoints for $5 last year, along with some skins and a trucker hat. There is something funny about all of this, but I’m not sure what the punchline is yet.


The punch line is that people who aren’t wealthy in RL have to wait, because instant gratification isn’t for peasants?

This is what gaming industry became nowadays, isn’t? Pay us money for a game/sub, then pay us more for getting more… It’s much easier to implement things like that rather than actually make game better so people wouldn’t quit.


If you don’t have a spare $5 to your name, you shouldn’t be wasting money on a space-game anyway…

…and I thought not letting the wealthy have more of everything was FILTHY SOCIALISM ! anyway (or was that FILTHY COMMUNISM ! ?)

Actually, it’s “pay us more for getting early what you’d be getting eventually anyway”, a slight but important difference.

Ehhh technically as time is finite in regards to how long you have on earth to play EvE for, if 5 years sub is 100mSP, then 5 years plus this is 101.6mSP

OK, how about “pay us more for getting early what you or your heirs would be getting eventually anyway” ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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SP packs in EVE is the same as toilet paper in a pandemic. It’s all about FOMO. And it works, obviously.

For every five forum warriors telling people to cool their jets and don’t buy it, there are thousands of orders coming in from non bittervet players. On top of that, most of the people crying about how this will ruin the game have already purchased and applied their SP packs. You know who you are.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


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