Skill point resets, paid service

Hey Guys,
I surely hope im not the only person requesting this but I would love to pay, say $25, for a skill point reset on the account and all its characters.
Im a noob but not so noob that now that i have played the game for almost a year, realizes that i have made a lot of mistakes with Skill point allocation. If i could reallocate these skill points id be able to enjoy the game a bit more with a character focused on a specific area in the game.

Im all for resetting my skill points as part of the services that CCP already offers as part of their Eve Store.

Let me know how the rest of you feel about this.


  1. to some degree this duplicates extractor / injector usage
  2. this would be heavily used after rebalancing as the meta changes

Anything good for the new guy will be extensively used by those more established.

Ok, I agree somewhat. Lets say you can only use it once on your account then…

I think CCP makes much more money with the current system thus would lose money with your proposal. Money talks as they say.

No in my opinion its in their interest to keep me paying…
If i’m feeling stuck with my account and don’t want to start a new one, what will happen to some part of the user base is that they will drop for a long period of time. That’s when CCP does not make anymore money and risks loosing you as a permanent player.

No such thing. Every skillpoint matters - you just dont have much use for them… yet.

Maybe, maybe not, can’t really do more than just guess. Personally I don’t think that many players will give up playing entirely because of this, and those who actually do are too weak for the game anyway and would quit over something else anyway sooner or later. But of course that is just my opinion, no factual evidence or statistics or anything to back up that prediction.

lol, correct. i cant see myself playing for 10 years to get 120 mill skill points on 1 character.
I do see my self paying for multiple character at different levels of the game. and sometimes a player realizes that mining is not as fun as pvp.
Things you only realize after playing the game and experimenting only to realize you want something else.

Just saying that a one time $25 could inject cash into ccp pocket and keep some folks playing a bit more.

I did about the same thing, I have over 5 million SP dedicated towards mining, when I was ready to move on I looked at what skills I had and made a move towards the combat ships that matched up to the skills I had trained for mining, I had to get some extra skills trained also but it was rather fast. Drone ships were the answer for me.

You don’t need to completely reset your skills, look at what you have a do some quick planning. Adjustments.

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Extract all your erroneous and unwanted skills and inject them into a new(er) character and create the specialist you desire. Problem solved, and now you have two useful characters.


But those skills are a good chunk of your character’s history… You’ll be reminded of your past every time you skim through your skilllist and thats not a bad thing imo.

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There is no sp limit unless you are alpha. The point behind resets in other games is because there is a limit. EVE you just train the new thing

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But you buying Extractors would be even more money for CCP in the long run. So why would they cheap out and give you something for $25 when they could charge several multiples more of that for you to buy Extractors?

Heh, totally agree with this… /me looks forlornly at the injected but never trained plagioclase, pyroxers, scordite & veldspar processing skills.

The friend who convinced me to start playing eve bought them for me (along with a bunch of others) at about the time I was realising mining wasn’t for me, so they never even got a skill point (mining is Lvl 4 though).

Funnily enough the same friend no longer plays eve but I’m still here (well returned after a break)… something about ‘not enough time’… but we all know it’s cause mining is boring :slight_smile:


Ok, let’s say you have a 105m sp character
To extract all your skillpoints, you would need 200 extractors (can’t go below 5m).
200 extractors costs 22400 PLEX (buying 10 for 1120 PLEX), or roughly $783.22 (using the $100 for 2860 PLEX deal)
Let’s say you have a 205m sp character
You would need to pay double that, about $1566.43

So here, what you’re telling CCP is that you think that if you paid $25, you could reset your sp

To you, this might seem like a better option, but why would CCP ever allow this to be a thing?
They would literally be shooting themselves in the foot, going from $1566.43 of revenue down to $25 for every 205m sp character

Even lower sp characters, say 10m sp, require 10 extractors, or 1120 PLEX exactly
1100 PLEX (less than the necessary 1120) can bought be bought for $40

Literally the only way CCP would even break even is if only 6.5m sp people decided that they wanted to reset their sp.
Maybe if you increased the cost to like $1500 to reset any number of SP without loss this would become pretty popular, but I don’t see it happening at $25

I don’t know how much you think your measly $25 is worth to CCP, but I can tell you here and now it’s not worth enough

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You can buy plex for money and buy some Skill Extractor on market, cheap way if you have some skills you dont need and not will need later. Or buy Large skill injector.

Large Skill Injector 1 are really good, I have never been so poor before as I am now since they came to the market :rofl:

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Mentioned in some form or another from several others, but if you want a SP reset, buy a extractor, then inject the SP back into your character and allocate them to the skills you want them on.

I can say the only time i felt i needed to extract, is when i extracted the PI skills into missile skills.

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