Resetting Skills?


I am wondering if someone could help me. I am wondering if there is a way to reset certain skills so I can place those SP into others?
SWG had a similar thing where you could reset an entire skill block to put points to another skill, is that possible in eve?


You can purchase a skill extractor to extract a certain number of skill points.

This will give you a skill injector that you can use to apply those points to other skills.

Once you get over a certain number of points the conversion is not 1:1.

In EVE, the only way is to buy extractors and extract those skills (if you aren’t alpha trying to extract alpha skills as that isn’t possible) and then reinject the skills so you can apply them elsewhere.

That’s only a recent addition to the game, so there are many of us that over the years trained skills we don’t really use and/or that became much less useful after ships/module balance passes.

Extractors on the market sell for about 350 million ISK each and extract 500K skillpoints. How many you get back when you inject depends on how many SP you currently have when you inject.

Okie dokie then. I’ll have to look into specializing my char then. I’m alpha right now.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as “wasted skillpoints” in EVE.

There are simply skillpoints that are useful now (or for a current situation) and skillpoints that are not useful right now.

As time goes on, circumstances will change and you will find yourself both branching out into different skillsets and revisiting others.
The skills you have trained now will eventually becomes useful at some point in the future or can be repurposed in interesting ways.

Example: When I was a nubbin, I trained up to use mining ships. After a few months I left that field entirely and focused on PvP.
When mining barges were rebalanced a few years later, I found use for one of the barges (now a tanky, more combat capable ship) and began to use it as a “bait ship” (see: I looked like a miner, but I was fitted to pin down targets and tank their damage until a friend could show and destroy my would-be killer).


To be fair, there kinda is now with alpha clones. Given there is a hard cap of free sp you can train, it is now possible to waste some of that SP and create a sub-optimal character with “wasted” free SP if you are not willing to use skill injectors or subscribe.

Given though alpha clones, and accounts are free and you can have as many as you want, this seems to be only a minor problem. Further, earning enough for a skill injector to expand the skills trained is easily possible for an alpha.

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