Is it possible for Alphas to remove useless skills?

I have an old Alpha character with some skills that are useless to the character (e.g. PI). There may be some skills I don’t want too.

Is there a way to “delete” the skills I don’t want?

You can’t “delete” skills (believe me, you wouldn’t want to if you could), but you can use a skill extractor to extract skillpoints from skills to create a skill injector which you can then sell or inject into the same or different character. If you inject into the same character, you’re essentially reallocating skillpoints into skills you actually care about.

Thanks Archrer

I’ve never used Skill Extractors/Injectors (they didn’t exist when I was subscribed).

Do they require real money or significant amounts of ISK? Right now, for personal reasons, anything over a few 10’s of millions of ISK is a show stopper?

They go for around 400m isk

Thanks Nepsy

That’s unfortunate for me.

I suppose it’s reasonable for the game as a whole, but from my perspective it doesn’t make sense to follow either of the possible paths (grinding ISK or spending a lot of (for me) “dead time” making a replacement Alpha character).

And CCP has no reason to make a change for one Alpha player :slight_smile:

Well, more like 300m now, but they also turn into Skill Injectors which sell for around 700m.

So that means OP you will make ~400m ISK for every 500k SP you extract. If you are short of ISK, you really should scrape together 400m and remove the SP you won’t ever use. A couple million SP in unused PI skills can be traded for a billion or two in ISK.

EDIT: Also SP, did you know you can get Omega status for almost free through Skill Farming/Trading? If you don’t need new skills, you can basically play as Omega for free indefinitely by selling of your trained SP.


There are certainly ways I could deal with this, but they’re not consistent with the reason I play MMO games.

If I explained in detail it would be interpreted as whining by at least some readers, but FWIW 400 million ISK at my current unboosted income/hour is well over my personal “grinding threshold”.

I’ll wait a day or two and take another look at my skills - maybe it won’t feel so important after a short break, and I’ll feel ok playing with my character “as-is”.

As an aside: In case anyone is wondering, this isn’t a complicated attempt at in-forum begging, and anyway it’s not this character (AFAIK Elena has no SP). I could solve it by buying PLEX from CCP, but I won’t.

Ok. Just trying to help.

You seemed unaware of the details of the mechanics of skill trading that were added to the game since you left, which not only allow you to remove skills, but also turn SP you don’t need into ISK. There is a game mechanic specifically there for you to monetize SP, and it can even be used to gain Omega access to all your previous skills for free. Skill trading also allows you to do what you posed in the title of this thread and is accessible to Alphas.

If you are aware of this game mechanic and choose not to use it, my apologies. If you just don’t have the ISK and want to earn it, grind yourself 300m for that first Skill Extractor and then you can convert as much of your SP as you want into liquid ISK.

Or not. Have fun whatever you choose!

Hi BP, Nepsy, Archer

It’s turned out I asked the wrong question, but the process has taken me to where I needed to be, so the result is ok.

My Alpha was created during the first week of Alphas being available, and at that time there was a hard limit of 5M SP. No doubt it sounded reasonable, but it imposed a significant “beginner tax” for some people, including me - to play optimally I needed a skill plan that used all 5 million points efficiently. And a couple of days ago I noticed that some changes had made my original plan inefficient.

(BTW: I know not everyone thinks that way, but it’s very common - and I’m still resentful about the first time it happened to me, during a pre-Alpha 2-week trial well over a decade ago, when I had to calculate the right sequence for training “Learning Skills” together with useful ship-related skills /lol.)

Since your various answers didn’t seem to match my assumptions, I decided to test them, and found a nice article about Alphas on the Eve Uni web. Here’s my current theory of how Alphas work today - I’d appreciate someone confirming/denying:

As I understand it, Alphas have been changed so:

  • You can get them to a total of 20.5 million SP
  • You can use all of those 20.5M SP as an Alpha
  • 5 million SP (possibly the first 5 million only?) can be trained free
  • Between 5M SP and 20.5M SP you have to buy “Daily Alpha Skill Injectors” to gain additional skills

This is an honest and transparent business model, so I don’t mind paying some actual money for skills (6 Euros for 500K SP is ok IMO).
And if I pay even once, the “opportunity cost” (with a hard cap of 5M SP, useless skills displace useless ones) I was facing is not significant. I’ll still have about 45K SP wasted, but compared to a 20.5M SP cap even I can ignore it :slight_smile:

So it’s been a crooked path, but (given that my current theory is correct) it’s a good result :slight_smile:

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You are 99% right.

The 20.5m SP ‘limit’ refers to the sum of skill points that can be invested in Alpha-accessible skills. Alpha pilots can have more than 20.5m total SP, but will only gain benefit from the SP that are invested in Alpha skill levels while in the Alpha clone state. Skillpoints invested in Omega skill levels are kept, and can be extracted via a Skill Extractor if desired.

A note about extracting: Alpha clone state can only extract Omega skill levels, while an Omega clone state can extract any skill levels; both can only extract down to 5.5m total SP on the character, including unallocated SP. Thus, you cannot extract skills to a low enough point that an Alpha can resume native skill training.

In addition to Daily Alpha Skill Injectors, Alpha accounts can receive SP the following ways:

  • Alpha accounts receive 50,000 free skill points for every 30 days of login activity (collecting Alpha Daily Login Gifts will accrue part of the 30-day long skill bar; it does not require consecutive logins, so missing a day won’t reset it, and once it is full the 50,000 SP item appears in your redeem item queue).
  • Alpha accounts are eligible to participate in events that grant SP (such as the Proving Grounds event running now that grants 10,000 SP for entering the Proving Grounds).
  • Alphas can also buy skill injectors from the in-game market (~700m ISK for 400k SP, due to the diminishing SP return on injectors - more data here).
  • Alpha accounts can also benefit from EVE packs sold in the Account store, several of which include SP.

Once all Alpha-trainable skills are trained, Alpha accounts can continue to accrue unallocated SP from the above methods; they simply can’t apply it to anything until they enter an Omega clone state.

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