Changes to Skill Extractors?

With the changes taken place with alpha clones and their ability to train up to 20million skill points, will skill extractors minimum skill points for extraction increase? Currently the minimum is 5million skill points.


Thanks in advance.

No. Since there is no more free training beyond 5M SP even if they can know retain and use a larger skill set, there is no need to change the lower limit on skill extractors.

They will remain exactly the same after next weeks’s patch.

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Exactly, I just have to add - because the term “free training” seams to be confusing a lot of people - that what Perdo actually means is that the skill queue stops if an alpha reaches 5mil SP.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but currently there is no such limitation to the skill queue, so it is possible to have say 10mil SP in omega skills but still get SP from the skill queue by training skills in the alpha set. By later extracting those skills you can basically produce injectors with no subscription costs. The coming changes will put an end to this.

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Yes that is correct. My 70m main can still train Alpha skills that I have yet to train from before.

So in other words, the 20m is not hard limit but rather the total amount of skills points that can be used by an Alpha.

However the new changes states that once you hit 5mil of free training, you can’t train anymore beyond that without Omega or the use of injectors.

So it is possible they might be putting an actual queue limitation once you have 5mil points.

yes if you don’t have maxed alpha skills you can still train those. also alphas are getting an injector that is equal to 1 day omega sp with a 24 hour cool down, expected price is around 60m. so you can use those and max out your character but will cost slightly more than plex from what ive heard, but attributes wont have an effect on the injector like training will

My free money source :cry:

Not really? Always been the case that you aren’t allowed to extract alpha skills while in alpha status from what I remember people mentioning elsewhere. They had to be subscribed/plexed already to pull from that skill category. You could freely pull from something that wasn’t within your alpha allowed skills however.

Which begs the question, is this carrying over so that even if the account in question uses daily alpha injectors to go past 5.5 million total SP they cannot pull SP from any of the newly expanded alpha skill set?

Ive pulled from several of my alts while they were in alpha, as long as they were over 5m sp it worked.

The trick was to subscribe for a month to extract alpha skills, while training omega skills with that subscription. Upon the subscription running out you reverted to training up those alpha skills for free again. Rinse and repeat.

But truth be told I could never be bothered actually doing that. Training for extraction on all 3 characters was much less of a hassle and probably brought in more ISK than I’d have gained by doing the above. I say probably, because I never cared doing the math. Logging in hundreds of accounts daily just to keep that skill queue running is way too much effort.

You just shocked hundreds of SP farm alts :wink:

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