Alpha skill remover

Considering new alpha changes it would be nice if we could buy Skill Remover (for small ammount of plex maybe). Essentially a skill extractor able to remove skills from alpha skill set but without creating skill injector (to maintain balance).

This would be usefull in situations where we have over 5mil SP on alpha clone and thus cannot train further without going omega but we have some skills we don’t want anymore like Industry, Resource processing. Removing these skills would let us train a few more skills we want such as battlecruiser or t2 weapons.

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This would have to be significantly cheaper than the alpha injector, and given that comes at 20 plex, I think the price point is low enough it makes more sense to use the alpha injectors to train new skills up to the 20 mil limit. Since that 20 mil limit includes all those skills so once you are over 5 mil it doesn’t harm you having those skills.

oh, didn’t know about new alpha skill injector, now when I read about it, yea, nevermind

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Id still like this. Or to be able to reverse train.

As soon as alphas were anounced with an sp limit i proposed some kind of skill reallocation system. If ccp want alphas to be more than unlimited trials, being able to re-spec a character would be awesome.

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The SP limit isn’t a ‘whatever you want’ SP limit. The SP limit they list is the sum of all the skills they are allowed to train.
So it doesn’t really matter respeccing, because you can just train up a new area instead.

The 5mil sp limit is.

But anything like you are proposing would cost plex. So might as well alpha train.

I hope not.

So you want to not only pay the game for free, you want to respec for free too?

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That would be free to play that’s not an unlimited free trial and let’s me try different things and adapt to changes in meta and the game yes.

With 5mil sp remember. And untraining skills won’t be instant.

Alphas already train at half speed, so if they untrain at the same rate you’re talking about taking 4x as long to train into a new area compared to omega.

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If it doesn’t cost plex, there will be so many misclicks as people then submit tickets about 3 days of training backwards.
If it does cost plex and throw up big warnings then there will be the above mentioned issue where it’s simpler just to train the new skill direct than reverse it and then train a new skill.

I also can’t think of a single MMO which lets you change class like you are asking for. (EVE ships being effectively classes)
Standard MMO ‘respecs’ are the EVE equivalent of fitting a different set of modules onto your ship.

Is like training the wrong skill for three days, or buying the wrong item in the market. Clicking jump instead of bridge. Are you suggesting they should cost plex and throw up warnings just in case you are retarded?

You’re talking about confusion with the ui. Not something wrong with the idea itself.

Eve is the only mmo I’ve played properly. But i did have a short stint in SWG. And that allowed you to untrain unwanted skills or ‘respec’ like in diablo 2 or borderlands. Features that were needed purely because of the sp/level limits.

Now eve doesn’t normally need this. You can change training path at any time for no penalty. But ever since alphas were announced i said right from the beginning;

Let them train what they want upto the sp limit and let them untrain skills so they don’t get stuck with anything.

But they aren’t ‘stuck with anything’ because the Alpha SP limit isn’t an actual SP limit, it’s the sum of all the skills they are allowed to train,
Now they have a 5 Mil SP training limit, beyond which they need to get the SP via injectors, alpha injectors or time as Omega, but none of it locks them out of anything else.

So the whole respec thing is irrelevant, since you are referring to a lock out system. Which is not what we have.

Once you’ve trained 5 mil sp you cannot change your character skills without paying or starting a whole new char.

You are stuck.

Well I have 4 alpha characters where I skilled everything possible because while I don’t mine or do industry there just wasn’t anything else to skill.

That however means that I will hit 5mil sp limit faster as I have lot of SP in skills I don’t actually want and will need to use skill injectors/subscribe sooner that I would like to.

Now if the new skill injector won’t be expensive and hard to get this might be no issue, but otherwise it is unfortunately I can’t remove these SPs and get more value of the 5mil free alpha training.

20 plex for a days worth of training. 50k SP.
Which puts it at around 66 Mil atm. Obviously if you plan to do it daily subscribing is better.

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