Remove Restrictions on Alpha's

How about if you spent money training skills you actually get to keep those skills.
Omega state will be a paid state to train skills.

Your wish is granted, please wait one year for patch notes with requested changes. (Give or take 6 months)



Pay to play the game. Alphas get too much as it is already.


I did pay to play the game. I just want what I paid for.



  • 2016-11-16 22:17:53 UTC
    Thanks everyone for your imput but as it stands there are no plans to change the racial skills of Alpha Clones.

ISD Max Trix

Meh, I can take it or leave it, shrugs.

You got what you paid for. You paid to train skills as well as use them. You didn’t pay so that you could play for free for as long as EVE is around.

This is why you don’t release any FTP in a game. People aren’t grateful for being able to do something for free, they immediately start demanding more.

They have to make money to keep the game going, if you enjoy a game that goes through continuous development, pay for it.


I’m an alpha and I can’t believe where we are now. I was more or less satisfied with the first alpha skills. There was some T2 equipment I wanted but I was playing for free, so who am i to complain.

Battle cruisers and battleships are kinda over the top.


Competition with other like or similar games will probably drive this far more than the forums. Have you noticed the changing strategy of the sales lately? I have seen, add Game time get 1-1 MCT (about a year back), 15% off Plex, 15% off MCT, add 3/6/12 mo get 1/2/3 mo MCT etc… CCP is looking for a balance that keeps players happy and the cash flowing. As online games go more and more Free To Play and lean on micro transactions, CCP will compete for those dollars too.

The current surge of new players based on Alpha Clones has brought a new influx of cash for micro transactions. Alphas by (pirate ships, daily injectors and skins) I will not be surprised to see another expansion of Alpha Skills with the same pay to get the skills then keep them for free model. This will likely be driven by a desire to keep and potentially expand the current Alpha player base.

I hope so.
It just boggles my mind why (at the time of this writing) there are 228 other games more popular on Twitch atm.
When EvE is a lot better game than 80-90% of the games that are in front of it. At least I think so.
What is holding eve back?

What is holding back EVE is management trying to reach out for an audience incompatible with it, while alienating all those who love the game! And you saying there are more famous games on twitch is just silly. This game had never, and will never have an appeal to the mass market. CCP nowadays believing otherwise is what’s killing it.

Watch these games on twitch, i bet 99% are not actually intellectually challenging. EVE always has been for those who like the challenge, but CCP rather has simple minded people with looser wallet around, than those who actually like the game for what it is.

This topic has been chewed to death and is thoroughly analysed already. CCP is killing EVE from the inside and the harder they try catering to the idiots, the worse it gets.

Just look at the chat bubble ■■■■■■■■, which got introduced because metrics told them that new plaers can’t ■■■■■■■ click the rivht mouse button and read. Hundreds of thousands before had no problems with how the game works, but now everything needs to become easier and easier for the idiots out there. If that’s not telling enough, then nothing is!


More popular =/= better.

Thinking does not make for good viewing.

People have no taste.

Stop watching Twitch.


You can already have that via skill extractors OP.

  1. You have to invest one initial PLEX.
  2. Train some big skill for a month.
  3. Extract the SP and sell them on the market.
  4. Get a new PLEX with the ISK.
  5. goto 2

The opposite is needed. FTP in EvE has failed miserably and needs to be removed root and stem.


Actually, I would not mind if CCP went full free to play. I really don’t like this mix of free to play and pay to play. It should be either or. This rubbish of constant devaluation of paying customers’ received value by the free tiers is irritating. CCP just needs to make up their mind: On the one hand, EVE’s best days were when it was fully pay to play (most characters online, most destruction, most activity, most satisfaction). On the other hand, CCP does not want to let go of free play (so make it free to play for every one, introduce payment tiers for ships or activities that you want to do and earn revenue via those and vanity items).

There are 2 sides to Eve - destruction, which has a free to play component and production which does not. A glance at the first chart of the MER suggests that Eve has plenty of production - we don’t need to attract more players who want to do that. We do need more destruction so encourage players who want to blow stuff up by letting them play free. CCP can monetize these players by selling them skills and skins.

As long as we have a player driven economy, production should remain behind a paywall - it’s too easy to farm. A lot of people play this game because of the economic simulation. For many of us competing in the marketplace is more enjoyable than military competition and easier to fit into our real life schedules.

There are economic imbalances in the game that need to be addressed - PVE bounties are already an issue which isn’t likely to improve now that Alphas can fly battleships. PVE in the game is also way too easy to farm.


Because you didn’t buy them ding-a-ling you were renting them.


no or alphas will be able to keep farming isk to continue to by daily injectors instead of subbing and we will have alphas sitting in supers doing 200m+ isk ticks, your meant to rely on the economy not add to it and we have alphas in incursions, null, and wormholes making tons of isk now adding to are already horrible inflation. im up for a full galaxy wallet wipe out of isk anyday now.

That be fun to see but not gonna happen


Also op, if you want the stuff you trained, be like every other normal player and plex your toon.



If you want, what you paid for keep paying for it. Do you complain to your internet provider that last month I got internet, and this month I don’t… because I DIDNT PAY FOR IT.

Liberals… easily spotted.