Keep skills you paid for

i simply think that if you’ve played the game, paid for omega and trained up, when you drop down to alpha you should be able to keep the skills you have trained.

that is all

I dont think that would help the future revenue stream lol. Everyone trains or skill injects to 100m sp and then the revenue stops for ccp when people stop paying to omega lol. not sure thats sustainable

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well on the forums the idea of a state between alpha and omega has been batted around and bought up by people myself included.

I’m on a very low income and when i can afford to buy game time its not that common.
the idea of personalized pricing structure or alpha+ is something i’m for.
either some way to keep your skills for a longer length of time than omega or some kind of way to keep training your skills (at a less rate) after omega runs out would be nice.

currently it just seems pay to win.

you should be able to retain some skills depending on your character age + omega time paid for.
this way your skills aren’t static as they are now, alpha = these skills only
omega = all skills

my character is around 10 years old, yet because I don’t have the means to pay for my game time, i’m now cut off from all those skills I paid for and additionally had to wait for them to train?

don’t get me wrong i’m fully aware the company needs to make money and the idea of dynamic pricing is likely to be abused by players always trying to find the cheapest option, but my thought process for a while is about rewarding people for playing the game, there have been changes which have pushed out some people (and in some cases for the better)

what if you had the option to reduce the number of characters on your account for further skill point retention. I’d biomass my other toons in a heart beat if it meant retaining some more skills.

CCP: “pay for the game and train these skills”
Le Drogon:does so and waits 3 months to fly a ship, completed training but can’t afford game time
“oh man i’m short this month”
CCP: removes access to the skills you’ve trained “sucks man, so about that money?”

i just think there’s something that can be done to be a little more enticing to purchasing omega and to reward long time players for their continued activity in the game

  • skill training at alpha speeds, or possibly below alpha speed after omega has run out (for equal time to your omega purchase)
  • limited skill retention based possibly off of character age + number of toons on your account + game time purchases, this will be a double edged sword of getting rid of spam accounts and increasing peoples activity on a single character while equally rewarding people for playing the game.

these ideas might be rough around the edges but i’m sure there’s a way to achieve a middle ground in this, definitely feel like this is the way forward.

I think there is a huge misunderstanding here: you never “paid for the skills”. or “paid to fly ship xyz”. You always only pay for access to the game server under the conditions regulated in the ToS. Which means, if you pay for Omega you get some benefits over accessing the game as free alpha. There is no such thing as “earned access to xyz by paying a sub over a long time”. This game is sub-based and you are expected to pay your some bucks every month if you want to have full access. Alpha access is only a free gift from CCP and nothing else but “thank you CCP for letting us play for free!” should ever be said about it.

  1. buy skill extractors
  2. turn your other toons into skill injectors
  3. sell the injectors
  4. buy plex
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Why not just figure out which Alpha ships you like to use the most, and use those when you can’t afford omega? You could also simply do what other people have done and spam your signup link in the startup systems and hope for free Omega time.

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