Dont take away skills from my char just because i dont have an active subscription

I dont feel its right that CCP gimp my character unless i pay them money every month. I already paid alot of money to train my character to the level it is.

Too bad. Be glad you get access at all, in the past you had to pay your $15/month subscription fee or be locked out of the game entirely. CCP is being incredibly generous by allowing you to play for free with a limited set of skills/items instead of giving you nothing at all unless you pay for it.


Hmm if I let my subscription lapse, can I haff a free purple fit titan??

You know if you re-sub you get all your skills back, also it’s not hard to farm the isk for a plex.

This, BTW, is why free alpha clones were a terrible idea. Give people free access, and now nothing is enough. Every time CCP gives non-paying players more free stuff they only whine and cry about how it isn’t enough and demand more. These whines aren’t going to stop until the players get everything for free, and CCP goes bankrupt because they have no more revenue.


give it time eve will be full f2p soon enough. they will make their money selling skins and soon sp

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Have to agree.

The number of people raging in Rookie Help chat about the things they can’t have because they aren’t Omega is growing at an alarming rate. It’s really snowballed this year.

On a daily basis we have to explain what Omega is. Dozens of players every week are joining with absolutely no idea of the differences between Alpha and Omega, the limitations or the costs. When they find out we get the usual EVE is pay 2 win tantrum.

A few recent gems:

“What is this Omega clone crap?”

“How to get to Alfa clone state … I need to have one to access this daily alpha inector”

“Excuse me. What is alpha clone state?”

“Can you explain me the thing about Alpha and Omega”

“it disgusts me how much money the creators are trying to get out of this game”

(all spellings as per the original comments, from logs, this month alone)

That last one was a real gem. Guy playing a game completely free of charge finds out about Omega and that’s the reaction.



agreed alpha gave people a longer chance to play but it was going to be cancer from the start

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F2P and a cash shop are cancer in any game. Having said that, give alphas an inch and they’ll take a mile…

If they didn’t, people (like me) who sub multiple alt accounts would stop. If I can run all my manufacturing, PI, research and reactions on 3 toons on each account without subbing… I’d stop subbing and keep the income.

They’d also lose people with a boatload of SP who don’t need any more skills because they’ve been playing for 8 years. They’d get a huge loss of income… and in the end it would likely kill the game.

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That’s what I said when the idea of alphas and cheat stix came about. I got an ear full for that preposterous claim. And here we are.

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Hundreds of thousands have tried the game because of Alpha clone state - a few percent liked what Eve has to offer and ended up subscribing, probably including some players who wouldn’t have tried the game otherwise.

The others contribute a little and move on - Eve was never going to hold them anyway but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t offer them a chance to play.

This is a niche game and that isn’t going to change. People who complain that it doesn’t work the same as some other games are in the wrong place - those of us who have been playing Eve for years are here precisely because it isn’t like other games!


have you been paying attention these last few years? i know its slow but the waters getting warmer


That’s an interesting point of view and from your perspective also a valid point. Only CCP has a slightly different business model from the one you expect them to have. You didn’t actually pay a full price when you started to train your character and so now you don’t get to have a fully trained character as your own.

It’s a bit like renting a car. You get to drive it anywhere you want and use it like any other regular car. Only at the end do you have to return it and don’t get to keep it. Nor do you get your money pack from the car rental, but they keep it to cover their costs.

With CCP do you not need to return “the car”, but you do have to accept cuts in what you’re able to do with the product at the end of your payments.

I wouldn’t be to bothered about it. In fact, with enough wrong expectations can one call CCP’s model a “pay to win”-model, because you really don’t get to fly the big ships and use the expensive weapons and ammo unless you’ve paid for it.

But this wasn’t always like this. In the past did one have to pay monthly subscriptions before one could play. Back then was it sort of a “club membership”.

As someone else mentioned, I’m just training for the sake of training now. If going alpha let me keep all my current sp i would un-sub.

Op it may be worth remembering, although you have spent time, money and effort on your character, it’s not yours. You have no right to it. It does not belong to you.

I am a ‘pure’ Alpha Clone, and I’ve never had the intention to subscribe for Omega. The difference is that I understand the meaning of the whole ‘Alpha Clone’ stuff. Only a necessary tool for the growth of Eve, it’s really that simple. I laugh at the acrimony shown above.


They aren’t taking your skills away. They’re disabling them. You can sub again when you want to use them.

Contrary to popular belief, Eve is not F2P. It is a subscription-based game with alpha clones giving players a taste to entice them to subscribe.

Alpha clones themselves were reasonably well done at first, but the decision to give them a bunch of new crap is just telling players that they don’t actually have to subscribe, they just have to bitch and moan in the forums that alphas need more free stuff so that they can play the game the way they want. CCP needs to remove a tonne of ■■■■ from alpha clones. Alpha clone should be able to fly T1 frigates and T1 cruisers with meta4 fits. Full stop end of story.


There are a lot of good comments in here that are appropriate today. FTP was initially advertised as a way for new players to sample the game without a time limit.

Translation: EvE sees a growing trend in FTP games with nearly no limits. Those games rely on microtransactions and voluntary subs that offer perks. Proof: CCP expanded FTP Alphas from 5mSP to 20Msp with the catch that you had to sub [voluntary sub] to skill to the 20Msp. You can then lapse sub and keep/use your SP within the Alpha limits. Notice the ever expanding NES store, and Pirate ships [slower ship expansion] ? These will trigger PLEX purchases to buy in game items.

I suspect this will continue as CCP continues to compete for gaming entertainment revenue.


I think there’s a bit more to that decision.

What CCP has done with Alphas is to pretty much make them consumer accounts. They’re severely limited in terms of the manufacturing and materials acquisition side of the game… even with the full 20m sp.

What this does is give the producers (who are probably more alt-o-holic than combat folks) more customers. More people who can be customers to keep the need for all those manufacturing or mining alts to be subbed.

I would be surprised if they expanded Alpha access to make them production or mining capable in any useful way.


Lets consider this you can buy and sell characters at will meaning you spend 70 bucks on plex to buy one upfront and never have to pay again having potentially access to endgame content with game altering amounts of isk generation.

like take for example all you want ot do is rat in a super cap. you buy a character for that and never pay again? yea… no. for those of us with 130+million skillpoints we have a challenge to find things to train. (things that are worth training) regardless a huge set of the player base would simply stop training skills to not pay… and still would have supers and titans galore… that’s not sustainable.