Alpha clone status

As an Alpha player, I just have to say I am very disappointed in CCP. The game is just so stacked against me. From 1/2 training speed to a 5 mil SP cap to the skill wall behind T2 ships, I can hardly do anything fun here. I wanna fly HACs and Mauraders, but I can’t, simply because I don’t pay money to the company that runs the game? It’s so disheartening to think that just because I don’t for over 15 dollars a month, I don’t get access to what an Omega player gets because they fork over the money. And it’s not like I can make any ISK because I can’t run multiple accounts at once so I can multibox mining fleets. And even then, I couldn’t use the barges required for effective mining anyways! And lastly, because of the SP cap, and the ISK-making barrier, I cannot have fun in Eve. As an Alpha player, the game is stacked against me, and I won’t stand for it.

My first point was that so much of the stuff I want to do is locked behind a skill wall. Like mining barges, T2 ships, freighters, and capitals. It is so unfair. And to add on to that, we aren’t allowed to have more than 5 million SP, at least without paying billions on injectors. But 5 mil SP is no easy feat for an Alpha, with 1/2 training speed, it takes months to get to that point, basically, DOUBLE the time it would take for an Omega player. Who is CCP to say that because I don’t pay them money, I don’t deserve to fly the fun ships? Who is CCP to say, the because I do not pay them money, I am not allowed to have more than 5 mil SP? Who is CCP to say that simply because I am an Alpha player, I should have my training time cut in half? The answer is they shouldn’t. cc

My second point was that as an Alpha player, my ISK-making capabilities are essentially crap. I cannot fly a mining barge. I cannot cloak when I explo. I cannot rat effectively because I don’t have access to the Carriers, Dreadnaughts, or Super-Carriers required to effectively rat. Why is it fair that simply because I do not pay CCP I should not be allowed to make ISK on the same scale that people whom do pay CCP can? Well when I first saw this, I thought to myself, that even though I cannot make ISK as much as an Omega player can if I can just scale the ISK that I do make, I can make a crap ton. I thought, well I can make 30 mil an hour in a Vexor ratting, but if I run 4 accounts and do that then I can make 100 mil an hour +. But no, I can’t even run 2 alpha accounts at once, again, here is CCP discriminating against Alpha players. Of course, they give you the option to upgrade to Omega when you try and launch the second account. Just to add insult to injury. So, to recap this point, CCP greatly kills an Alpha player’s ability to make ISK compared to an Omega player simply because they do not pay CCP.

My last point is that as an Alpha player, I cannot have fun in Eve. Encompassing my last two points, if I can’t fly the fun ships, and I cannot make enough ISK to sustain what little fun I can have as an alpha player, I cannot have fun in Eve. All of this, simply because I do not pay CCP. However, people who do pay CCP to get to have more experiences and more fun. How is that fair? It is not, it is discrimination, plain and simple. How dare you, how dare me, how dare CCP blatantly stand by while literal discrimination is happening in our game. It’s a shame, and I cannot make ISK, I cannot train ships effectively, and thus I cannot have fun.

So, I close my case. If you are ok with what CCP is doing, I believe that you deserve a game like Eve. All players should be given the same opportunities, to fly the ships they want to fly, to make ISK as much as their heart desires, to have fun. It’s a game after all. However, CCP is putting fun behind a paywall. Players should all be the same, regardless of subscriptions or other micro-transactions. CCP should make everyone Omega, or all Omega players should have the same stats as Alphas. It’s unfair. CCP I don’t want to pay to play your game. As an Alpha player, the game is unfairly stacked against me, and I won’t stand for it. This is complete and utter discrimination. And I don’t see how any reasonable person could disagree.

Alpha is meant to giver you a decent (and free) taste of the game. Not a playing style.

You can do pretty well as an Alpha if you choose your skill set carefully.


I disagree.

Alpha clone status is the trial version. The game has been subscription based for its 2 decade history. CCP could do a better job of making that distinction on their website.

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Ummm Alpha is supposed to be how most average people play the game and Omega is upper-tier content for try-hards.

I deplore you OP and your expectations for getting anything of true value for free. Shame on you for complaining, biting the hand that feeds.

If only everyone was like you OP. They would feel so entitled that everyone had to listen to their opinion for free, no one would get anything done.

Pay up or shut up. Substandard mooches will not be tolerated.

Alpha is the main version of Eve, Omega is the try-hard version with unfair perks and bonuses all because you pay $15 to CCP.

Alpha is the standard, Omega is supposed to be higher tier content for try-hards and alpha is for normal and average players. But the disadvantages are too great. Let us fly T2 ships, Triglavion ships, and capitals, even the training speed, and give access to barges and L4 missions, that’s all I ask for to help make the game fair for all regardless of clone status.

I agree with you to some extend. For me playing the Alpha Version of the game makes fun and helps you to get an impression of what is possible. To play in a higher league you have to pay and you also have to invest more playing-time. There is nothing wrong with that. Many players have several accounts and one of them is an Omega.

Actually, EVE is very good compared to other games that give you far less for a “free” trail.

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Thank you for the support, I just feel the player base and CCP need to change their perception of ALpha clone status from “noobies” and “trial players” to the average and standard player while Omegas are the serious and try-hard players.

Alpha is not a free trial, it is the main way to play the game, Omega is for try-hards who have reached very endgame content. CCP just keeps on encroaching on Alpha capabilities and is making Omega the new standard. It’s shameful, really.

Must say you have quite a comprehensive knowledge of the ’ omega ’ game , you must have done a lot of research into things like high end ratting , trigs etc . Congratulations


What are you insinuating? And rather, during my gameplay, I have tried to branch out into many areas, namely mining and mission running, and found myself unable to do them.

It’s my understanding that waaaaaaay back in the begin the game wsa only subscription based. They didn’t offer any free accounts until relatively recently.

Frankly, I would never pay to try a game at first. I wouldn’t be in EVE if it wasn’t for Alpha. Most people I think wouldn’t be.

No one is forcing you to pay for Omega. As I said before, you can do well as Alpha if you chose the right skill path to train (something that newbies just don’t know how to do unfortunately, that comes from experience).

Now we know you are just trolling.

Seriously… just stop it.


EVE used to be subscription with a 2 week free trial. in that 2 week free trial, there were skills you couldn’t train. Only a few years ago did CCP make it so we could get new players to the game by making it free to play. there is A LOT of stuff you can do as an alpha. Sure you can’t do what YOU want to do, which is wait MONTHS skilling into marauders and caps etc while paying $15 a month, or pay yearly which equals to $10 a month. and the injectors for alphas are not that expensive. Even then, you can only have up to 20 mil, which you can do A LOT as a 20 mil Alpha Pilot. I have two accounts that are Alpha, and one that is Omega.

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my mom used to collect these like they were going out of style…

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