Alpha restrictions. It's time to let go, CCP

Greetings everyone! Greetings CCP!

I didnt play a while and after i came back and login just to check how EVE’s doing i’m realize that alpha clones is sooo tied in their restrictions, there is not much things you could do to finally decide to return or not. I just twisted my ship in hangar (on which i cant even undock because of Alpha), fast check the market and leave for a better times.

I think, CCP, you should revised the alpha restriction, give Aplha players more freedom at least in a basic things. While keep advanced activities like market tradind, PI to Omegas.

So here’s the plan…

Should gone for the greater good:
:x: - ships restrictions
:x: - SP cap limit
:x: - skills restrictions (except trading and PI)
:x: - any ship equipment/implants restrictions

Should stay:
:white_check_mark: - PI restrictions
:white_check_mark: - market trading restrictions
:white_check_mark: - contracts restrictions
:white_check_mark: - agents and missions restrictions
:white_check_mark: - daily activities and rewards restrictions

Think that’s all… remind me if i forgot somethig.

Thanks for understanding.


Alpha deserve nothing.


I’ve been meaning to ‘come back and play’ for like… 2 years now. I install, log in, collect the shitty daily, spin my ships and have a look at my carriers that I can’t undock in, check the monthly sub price, log out, don’t log in again for 2 weeks - decide to check out my ships again. Wait half an hour while the installer installs another 2gig update, spin my ships again, logout. 2 Weeks later I do the same thing.

I spend more time watching the launcher update than even spinning my ships. Seriously what is with the constant updates? Feels like every 3 days there’s a huge update to download. How about waiting a month and sticking them all in one?

I’ll reactivate when the prices drop.

Someone believes in fairytales.


The why do you use Alpha class destroyers to perform ganks in? By your words, you deserve nothing because you pilot Alpha ships.

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And quote rightly so. You are already getting more than you have paid for…whilst expecting those of us who do pay for subscriptions to subsidize you even more !


:sweat_smile: Alpha Class Destroyers :sweat_smile:


It’s obvious the man has no clue. There is no “alpha class” in EvE.


Alphas are, an unlimited trial period.


No, you mean for your benefit.

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I’m not asking for same as Omega, but current Alpha is pointless.
Halved training speed and like i said, restrictions to advanced high-profit activities like market or PI is enough.

No need to block ships or skills.

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Nothing is pointless if you’re having fun at it.

It isn’t Alpha that’s halved, it’s Omega that’s doubled.
CCP is very generous to even let us use as many ships and modules as they allow right now.
If you want it all for free play PlanetSide2


No, it’s Alpha halved.

“X2 taining speed” is marketing move.
Everyone know that omega training speed is asme as before alpha even existed, so it’s not doubled for omega, it’s halved for alpha


No. Why should you get more…for zero cost…of what others are paying for ? You are already getting a substantial amount for nothing, and I think those who are paying for the game would and quite rightly should complain if you got more.


No, it’s Omega that’s doubled and I’m sure @Mike_Azariah and @Brisc_Rubal would agree.

X2 training speed is the truth.

You’re in everyone’s head that you know what they know.
You just shot your credibility in the foot.

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Is this thread just a “why should I pay CCP money to fly the ships I want to fly” thread?

EVE is a subscription-based game. If you want the game to exist for you to play, someone has to CCP money. It’s only logical that there are restrictions on the free trial so that people are encouraged to eventually become paying players, as there would not be a game to play for those players if no one paid.


Troll-topic. Pops up every 2-3 months.


Alpha Access is a free gift, acutally financed by all the Omega Players to support those who could otherwise not afford to play the game at all. And to greet and welcome those who like to try the game for some time before they decide if they want to join or not. There is nothing to complain about it, instead everyone should be thankful for that option.


more players = more possible income.
All F2P games based on this.

Why you think EVE is different?

Why would there be more possible income if those players don’t need to pay to play?

Right now every player will eventually hit the point that they want to do something better. Fly a better ship. Get more SP.

You remove the need to go omega for those players. They won’t pay.

If I can fly a dread for free but have to pay for daily quests, what do you think I would do?

I would spin up a dozen free dread alts. And ignore the daily quests. In fact, I’m already ignoring the daily quests anyway.

From your list:

I only use the top 4 and PI.

I can live without PI (especially if doing PI means I need to pay a subscription), so I could stop paying subscriptions and still get everything I want in this game.

That’s not a good business model for CCP.