Making Tax Lower For Alphas

So i’m probably going to get attacked for this , so i was talking to a well known trader with trillions & he brought up a good point, That Alphas should have their Taxes,both sales and broker skill limitation be increased, maybe level 4 & the final 5 to be locked out. Its a common complaint for Alphas that trade is hard due to high costs & that includes the current max reductions included. I’m sure the economy wouldn’t complain of having new traders selling items and buying, making isk and improving player retention and even leading to becoming omega?
I know full well the die hards will complain and that’s fine for most games, But i’m sure the community won’t complain if we have more traders? it would also make trading more viable for them other than burning out with missions & abyssals only.

This is what every trader wants, more competition :wink:

fair enough but it also means more people would be open to join the game, more traders means more isk and more isk means more large scale wars

Some tweaks to Alpha Trading are going to have a negligible effect on player acquisition and retention at their absolute peak potential.

Also wars don’t get me wet. Trades completing gets me wet. My trades, not someone else’s.

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Alpha is the option for a long term trial period. Get into the game, explore what’s available at your own pace rather than placing a tight 7, 14 or 21day trial limit. Hell, I’ve been playing for nearly 10 years. There’s a LOT in this game that i have very little knowledge of.
Alpha allows a remarkable amount of game content, for free.
Or to allow players with time constraints to leave accounts unsubbed, but still able to get on and causally pewpew with friends.
The idea is that if you enjoy the game on alpha, you’ll subscribe and get the myriad benefits that come with an Omega subscription.
I’d rather see alphas out in space in a Maulus or a cruiser shooting stuff than in a station staring at spreadsheets.


I dont see an issue with alphas having their lowest broker fee available as 1.65%

They were not meant to be used as market alts, and ccp does not want them as free non paying customers to have any huge effect on the market


naturally you would say that

This. To OP, there is a reason why all more passive ISK making activities are severely curbed for Alphas, like market trade and PI. Else people would just enlist gazillion of trading Alpha alts in every possible station to outcompete “real” players.


Alphas should not have any strong impact pn the economy.


in that case, neither should you

No Alphas should not have lower taxes. Go give CCP some $$$ and go omega. Or go earn 500 plex every month.

Looks like OP can’t handle the straight up FACTS dropped by the rational calm people here.

I love being a wealthy Omega. :face_with_monocle:

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So you don’t think that Omegas will filter their business through Alphas if it saves them tax?


Not everyone is interested in hearing about your onlyfans profits

Suggesting that a guy is making profits on onlyfans isn’t the cutting insult you think it is, if anything it’s high praise.


Err, no. You fundamentally misunderstand the EVE economy.

Traders don’t generate new ISK into the game. They merely shuffle it into their own wallets.

New ISK is generated by missions, npc bounties or selling stuff to npc buy orders (wormhole blue loot for example). These are our “ISK Faucets”.

Taxes on trades are an “ISK Sink”, designed to take ISK out of the economy.

So more traders does not equal More Wars.

More players, out in space building their own little communities and defending their territory means more wars.



You can’t rebuke my FACTS and you got that as an insult?! :joy:

I love being rich and you didn’t deny the power of the OMEGA account. So thanks! :face_with_monocle: :rofl:

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So what?

And also 8% tax is nothing when the spreads are 100%+ in trading.

Where the tax reduction helps is when Alphas try to sell loot for ISK.

And if CCP are desparate for ISK sinks there are more intelligent ways than a tax when people buy and sell from each other.

Alphas have the option to be at 1.65% for broker fees or sell immediately

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