Wish for Alpha pilots

Hey there.
If it dosent make to much ubalance to the game.
Consider so that Alphas can fly one of the smallest mining barges.

And maby give them a small amout of indy and trade skills.

Because not all alphas and omegas play the game for the pvp aspect.

As it is now you get alot acces for the pvp part and battleship part.

But as indy pilot you are stuck in a venture.
You never get the fealing of how it is to be indy guy.

Not going to happen. It’s far too easy to multibox alpha accounts. There would be a million alpha mining barges all over the damn place, which would absolutely wreck the economy.

Same goes for industrial and trade skills. There are industrial and trade botting apps, and that also would wreak havoc on the game economy.

Long story short, CCP’s inability to get rid of botters and multi-boxing alpha accounts is why we can’t have nice things…

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The issue with giving Alpha clones mining barges is the bots you will see fleets of them as for indy iv never looked what alphas can do

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What i heard of there are or have been problems with carriers botting to ?

The problem is if you give them even just a slightly improved ability to make ISK and/or mine compared to now they will inflate the price of everything. So if you thought you could get more by your proposal as Alpha you will actually get less as you just increased your competition and everyone now can make more ISK / ore thus a lot of people vs you alone thus you just inflated your own efforts as well, thus you would not just not achieve better ISK/h for yourself but would actually achieve worse ISK/h for yourself (or Alphas in general). Not a good idea, seems balanced now.

Then there is the botting and/or multiboxing problem others already mentioned and probably some others would arise too not yet mentioned.

Yeah that’s true, but it’s not near as easy to do and Alphas can’t fly carriers.

You are a infinite-duration trial account. Support the game to get more things. ffs


They never knew those good old 14 day trials lol


Uh… Just no.

In the end if Alphas can fly even one of the mining barge there will be a up rise of bots / ■■■■ ton of multibox and slowly kill the economy…

/me sees another alpha can’t do enough thread…


Since nobody has said it yet (kind of surprising actually…) I’ll say it.

OP, sub for the game and stop being a cheapskate. You clearly like the game, pay for the content like everyone else. You’re just an alpha, and as such have no value beyond being cannon fodder (which is why they’re allowed to fly sub-par battleships now).

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A fix for this is going out soon, or is already out.

You can’t “fix” VPN or virtual machines. Those who want to cheat and bot will still do it anyway. The only way is to get rid of alpha accounts, period…

Industry and mining scales too well with alts.

One of the reasons alphas are a thing is to get more people out and about creating content. (Notice how you don’t get good trade or social skills either.)

The least you can do, since you’re playing for free, is get out there an blow stuff up!

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No worries, I fixed that for you

Agreed. As much as I wish alphas had the same privileges as everyone are there always two main concerns that need to be respected. One being CCP’s need to make a financial profit, and the other being the high risk of alphas getting abused and adding more unwanted trouble than the game needs.

Alphas can already do a lot in the game, but maybe we could restrict some of it again and make them train a new skill called Alpha Gratitude or No Begging Please to unlock it. :monkey:

You all got it wrong.

The reason alpha’s don’t get mining barges isn’t that they would be used by bots.

The reason is that CCP doesn’t want people to think mining is the only thing the game is about.

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