Please Let Alpha clones use mining barges!

I really fell like Alpha clones should be able to access more than one ORE ship. Plus, when you go mining with your corp, it feels odd that your the only one with a venture.

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Why do you feel this way?

Seems like you should have a bit more detailed rationale when asking a company that lives and dies by its customers’ subscriptions for more free stuff.

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well, CCP has many other ships that are unavailable to Alphas as motivation to buy omega. For example, the Orca.


Any additional mining ability granted to alphas lowers the difficulty of botters to compete for those same resources without losing anything of value when caught. Even if your use case is entirely fair, and I do see the point you’re making about being the odd man out, the balance of this change would have to be considered on the basis of the group who would abuse it to the maximum possible extent.


Long story short, bots, multi-boxers, and VPN abusers are why Alphas will never be able to pilot barges or mine ice.

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If you are mining with a Corp use a mining battleship. It works fine with haulers to support it and is as good as a barge in per minute mining when well fitted.

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Alphas. Give 'em an inch and they’ll take a mile. It starts with “let us use barges”, then it goes on to “let us use mining drones”, then it goes on to “let us mine ice”, then…you see where this is going…

Remember when I said this would happen?

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Making multiple threads about this won’t make it happen, it will just make you look even worse. You’ve been told why it can’t happen and been advised how you can get into a barge.

Excercise patience, explore other possibilities of making isk in game and you’ll be able to plex the game without real life currency.

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Than how do I delete the old one?

I don’t think there is really a good reason why they should not get mining barges at some point in the future. I don’t see why this should be an omega only thing.

I can think of a reason you might agree with.

Forbidding Alphas from being able to pilot barges is a fairly effective way to shield genuine newbies from CEOs who would otherwise be looking to bring them into the fold so that they can join their mining fleets.

The ‘Alpha’ experience in Eve is equivalent to a ‘taste test’ to see if you like it, and it is the general consensus, so far as I can see, that mining is not a good way to go to experience what Eve is about. The alpha skill set encourages the more action oriented pursuits, and with SRPs being not all that uncommon, it’s not out of the question that an alpha pilot could see a lot of action in their battleships without having to spend for them from their own pocket.

I won’t say I know these things happen, but from economic damage to exploitation of the pilots themselves, I see some potentially valid reasons to leave mining barges out of the hands of those who’ve not yet decided to commit to the game, or have not found something else to do that interests them first.

So you only deserve the shitty experience and to be exploited by some idiot CEO if you pay for the game and not if you play as an alpha? Is that what you are saying is the reason for them not getting mining barges?

I am not saying anyone deserves a ‘shitty experience’ at all. I am saying the probability of an alpha having said ‘shitty experience’ decreases if they don’t have access to things people can exploit.

This isn’t an analysis of what is best in an ideal world, or how anyone should play. It’s an analysis of why a business like CCP would want to restrict free accounts from flying craft that might have them exploited by established players who may not have the new player’s best interests a heart.

It is not my place to tell people what they should or shouldn’t do, or what they enjoy or what they don’t. A corporation, though, has to consider things in broad statistical terms, and their choices are influenced by these statistics.

You took what I said, and inferred the exact opposite, but it is not practical to restrict omega account skill availability to influence the behavior of the population. It IS practical to choose the available skills for alphas.

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The same goes for omega. Your whole argument has absolutely nothing to do with why alphas should have no access to mining barges since you are talking about an overall problem.

Again, this has nothing to do with alphas. Alphas != new player. You can be subscribe as a new player and be an omega and you can play EVE for 2 years and play as an alpha.

My opinion is that the Alpha experience is to get people ‘hooked’ on eve. That attracting people to play, and ergo pay or plex their way into Omega is the primary goal. Thus we have some players who are Alpha, and new, and some old players who’ve already decided they don’t want to pay. I believe the skill set is chosen more for the former than the latter, but that’s my opinion and there’s room to agree to disagree on that.

The fulcurm, I suppose, has to do with what I imagine the new player population would consist of, though I have no hard data to support it and would be interested to see it. What I imagine is that the free to play model is what entices most people to try eve these days. That is to say that the proportion of first time players who are alpha far exceeds the proportion of first time players who pay for omega right from the get go, and that these are the players the entire alpha experience is catered to.

In short, I believe all alphas are not new players, but that the target group for the alpha experience is the new player as opposed to the returning player or player who let their subscription lapse. Ergo, these two qualities are linked, for purposes of my reasoning.

In my time in Eve I’ve had to handle meeting players who were fed up with the game after being conscripted to mine for some corporation that proceeded to take all the profit and run at some point. I have spent a lot of personal effort to restore their faith and direct them to better places where they might have a better experience. Some stuck with the game, and some didn’t, but each time I find such a person it colors my opinion.

I do not believe that adding barge to the alpha skill set would increase player satisfaction, ccp revenue, or engage people with the game more than the present state of affairs does. If you want to disagree, so be it, but I see no reason that you’ve presented as to why it’s a good idea, or how it helps anyone.

I never said omegas deserve a poor experience, and while your analysis that an alpha doesn’t have to be a new player is correct, I don’t think that changes the impact of my argument in any definitive way.

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I agree that this is a problem. However this has nothing to do with the topic at hand in my opinion. Alphas can already mine, juts very inefficient. So if they get driven away by this is already happening and another ship which makes them just a bit more competitive will not make this worse.

I agree that the free2play model is todays way how to get new paying customers. Those players will also perceive gated content where they just get a worse version of a ship compared to a subscribed player as pay2win. That’s just how it is.

I’m in this sticky purgatory where I feel like I have nothing more to add that would be productive while simultaneously rudely leaving someone on the other end of a debate hanging if I don’t respond.

I have read and considered what you’ve written. I do not think you are wrong. I believe our opinions on what would be best for the health of the game differ. I’ve made my case to my satisfaction, and I’m content that you were not swayed by my arguments.

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…pay or you won´t get the whole experience…this is not a full blown free title, It is a subscription based game which allows you to use a limited skillset for free. Deal with it.
There is absolutely no reason to give alpha account access to barges. It would open a can of worms.