Give Alphas the ability to use Mining Barges!

every time I go mining with my corporation, I feel really left out. They all have mining barges with massive ore tanks, so they can stay and mine for long periods of time, while I have to make many trips to and from a station to sell my ore. Plus, it takes me 2-3 warps to get to a station to sell. I believe that implementing mining barges for alphas will improve our gameplay experence.

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Sub to Omega. It’s gonna solve your problem and improve everyones experience keeping company delivering you entertainment in a healthy state.


A mining barge is good for mining more, but it is not the way to fix either of the problems you describe.

If you mine with your corp, you should have a hauler/booster, even if it is only a porpoise. Then you would be able to drop your ore into their fleet hangar and not have to warp off all the time, on top of getting boosts that allow you to mine more.

As for hauling to a station to sell things, don’t do that in a mining barge. Look up the Miasmos (a Gallente industrial ship) and train for it. It is a quick train and will be WELL worth it for you (just don’t fill it with so much that you become a gank target, and do tank/warp stab it!)

I’m not allowed to spend $ on games :frowning:

PLEX, depending on how much you play, once you have your first Omega month it can be easy to keep it rolling.

I assume you are alpha and in hgh sec.

I am fanatic of mining i barge for fun. But the game is rare now. I am thinking seriously in get a venture , jetcan / deployable containers ( a ventue can do so ) but the isk of mining is very very bad currently. Not worth mining except if your are in a rorqual fleet.

I love the liberty of mining. Thninking in tthre paths for me :

  • Mining in venture with containers and haul with miasmos
  • mining in a barge with an Obelisk.
  • purpoise ? big hold ore

they are killing barge operation,and is not alpha at the moment, if they do so, mining in barge will be abused and dead.

Buy a plex?

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The fact that your corporation doesn’t provide hauling services for members means you’re in the wrong corporation, if they recruit alphas they should plan to help it’s members out, by not doing this they are telling you that you’re really are on a low priority list, if you stay you must accept what you have, because you stayed.


If it is taking multiple warps between the belt and station, then it is your skills (or lack of) which are the fault not the hull.

Warp Drive Operation
Capacitor Management
Capacitor Systems Operation

These skills as far as Alpha allows.

No, they provide hauling services, but I just like to do it myself.

Well there you go then, trust me when I say that a venture is not a bad ship, I can fly every mining ship and industrial command ship, I still use my venture and porpoise combo.
I’ve said a ton of times on the forums, don’t worry about what others do, if you have a plan you will get there, most people don’t have any long term plans, don’t know where to go, if you really, really, really hate hauling off so much you can get a Masimos and miner II and mine away, while not optimal at all it will let you sit and be a part of the group, in order for you to go deeper and feel more like everyone else you need to either buy game time or sub, I suggest buying game time to find out if it makes the difference, if so, save some money and sub.


You can mine pretty close to what a barge moves as an alpha. It is slightly more expensive though. If you fly a battleship that can fit a lot of turrents, then you can mine as much as a barge (-100 m^3).

Just fit it with tech 2 mining lasers and mining upgrades.

Jet can mine if you don’t have a fleet buddy to haul for you, then pick it up in a Miasomos.

This will probably cost around 150 mil, but it is doable.

you can mine with something thats not designed for mining?! where does the ore go? can you put strip miners them?

You can fit 8 T2 mining lasers on a Rokh. You’ll have to stagger them because if you don’t they will overload your cargo and shut off. You will either have to mine into a can or into a hauler. And no, you can’t put strip miners on anything other than a barge. You can, however, use Deep Core Miner II’s with T2 crystals with that Rokh.

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Just, NO.


Pls state reasons

Only if you fit expensive cpu upgrades and at least one cpu rig.

It goes to your ships cargo. It is nowhere as close to any of the barges ore holds, but you can jettison the ore to an external can, which is a lot bigger than your hold. 27,000 m^3. Once your can is full, you will need to come back in a hauler to pick it up.

Why should I sub when alphas would have the same benefits?
you want the full experience without limits, then sub!


Here’s an example Rokh mining setup that can be flown by an Alpha clone:


70% cap stable
109k EHP (Omni)
194k EHP (Kin/Therm)
686 m3/min (Solo)
1,147 m3/min (Orca Boost)
41,184 m3/hour (Solo)
68,832 m3/hour (Orca Boost)

This is pretty much the cheapest, best tanked, most efficient Rokh mining setup that you can get for an Alpha clone. If you want to sink more ISK into it, you can replace the rigs with T2 variants. This setup is passive, which makes it neut-proof, but the shield resists can be changed to whatever you want. No implants are required for this fit. The only thing about using a battleship to mine as opposed to a Venture or a barge is that it cannot be AFK’d, which depending on your viewpoint is either a good or a bad thing. You will have to either mine into a jetcan or a hauler.

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