Little Suggestion

I think u should make it so alphas can get one of each ships up to battleship so we can get mining barges and such because mining with a venture takes a long time to get 1.8B

Don’t mine ore. Go for nija gas. You will make more isk/h than afk full skilled barge pilot.

If you’d interested in it, join an big Alliance who have some nice space in Null security space. You’ll be able to mine more efficient / more precious ores down there. Plus you’ll mostlikely be provided with some PVP content, if you ever feel like it, have mentors at hand etc.
Once you’ve build up an decent ISK base and can upgrade to Omega, things will get more easy for you due to ship better ships you can use.
Hang in there a little more! Once started it’ll get much easier.

Alphas are meant as a free trial, not as an easy way to earn enough money for a PLEX. Expanding the number of ships they could fly like that would have pretty serious negative repercussions for the game as a whole and is not advisable.

On top of that mining in a Venture is just about the worst way to make enough money for a PLEX as an alpha character.

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5 mil/15 min with almost no skills needed is worst? Well just need about 30 mil to invest and some practice.

I said mining, not gas huffing.

Or you could just sub for a month, grind up the isk for plex, and carry that forward? It’s $15, for something you can play almost non-stop. If you play just 15 hours in a month, you’re paying $1 an hour. If you play an hour a day, you’re paying $0.50 an hour. That is hardly expensive, even for someone flirting with the poverty line.

Once you have the isk for plex, two months of gametime have since costed you $0.25/hr, so on and so forth.

You obviously like the game, otherwise you wouldn’t be committed to grinding out the ISK. Sub for a month, support the game, get omega status, everyone wins.

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Not everyone make money in $. In my contry and local currency is like 4x that amount. For you this is few beers and for lot of people this is much more money to spend.

Buying a new “quality” game is often $60-80 here (CAD), which incidentally is 4x that amount. My suggestion is still a pay-once kind of deal, so in that sense, identical to “buying a game”.

Barring that, what’s the rush? Say it takes you 3 months to grind up the isk to plex omega… you’re playing for free, so what’s the rush?

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For me? No rush. I can as alpha in 30 days easy make isk for sub (mentioned few posts above). Just wanted to say that this also can affect if people can afford paying for sub.

How many hours IRL would it take you to work to pay for a subscription in your country?

One day in work. About 5 hours if someone has good job.

so it’s worth it to pay a subscription unless you can grind a plex’s worth of ISK in five hours, which 95% of people won’t be able to do in game.

So you actually want to play for free even after being in eve for 1 month? It’s not gonna happen.
My advice since 2007 - If you do not have possibility/wish to pay real money for eve subscription, then do not play at all.
You are asking devs to work for free. Seriously?

Go to play WOT or something similar.

But i have plex for free without any problem. Payed once to easy start carrier and playing for free. And if don’t have time i play as alpha.

This is sound advice.

This is patently false. People pay money for Plex, regardless of who consumes them. In actual fact, by using plex he is contributing MORE to the devs than a monthly subscriber is, even at 1 month intervals. 500 plex costs $19.99, 1 month of game time (the least efficient subscription) is $14.95, or roughly 75% of the cost of the plex.

Even the most favourable circumstances of 2860 plex it costs someone $17.48 a month to plex your account.

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I knew that since there were GTCs and no PLEX, so yeah - it does not matter how you make your account an omega. Every omega account means 15-20 dollars per month to devs.

I’ll explain what I mean by ‘playing for free’.
This guy asked to increase an amount of ships available on alphas. What actually means to give them (newbes) more joy so such players can play on alphas for ever and there will be no reason to buy an omega.

It’s not free. Your most valuable resource is time, not money. If it takes you 20 hours to grind for the ISK to buy a plex in game, and 10 hours to work a job to pay a subscription with real money, you are 2x better off paying for the subscription, assuming getting plex in game feels like a grind and not fun.

Making isk is also fun for me. Game is not a job. I don’t care if I need to play as alpha few months just because i don’t have time. My boss probably won’t let me work 10 hours more per month just for video game.

TL;DR EVE is not my second job. But OP seams to make it to be one for him.