I’m a very new player to this game and I was really enjoying it so I got omega.
With all these new things open to me I don’t really know where to start. I was originally planning to get a mining barge or a tier 2 mining frigate for mining but then I saw the 20 million ISK prictag.
I am currently making about a mil a day and thats a hefty cost, so obviously I’ll be saving up, but meanwhile, what are some fun money making activities that I could start doing in about a day or 2 and what are they’re incomes? And if there is a good source for this stuff, I’d love to know.
Thanks a ton.

look into exploration :slight_smile:

I tried exploration and this may sound silly, but I got stuck on one of the career missions. For the life of me I couldn’t find a relic site. I kept scanning different star systems but one never came up. I’ll try again now that I’ve relocated to a different place thx :slight_smile:

Hey I messaged you in-game earlier. I like your attitude.

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Do the Sisters of EvE epic arc (arnon system - sister alitura) and do all the career agents for all the factions you can (amarr, caldari, gallente, minmatar). Try project discovery and see if you like doing that. Go to jita system station 4-4 and try your hand at station trading (incredibly boring, but can make isk). try regional trading.

You could also just say heck with it, buy 500 plex from CCP website, sell them on the ingame market and just do what you want and not worry about isk for awhile.

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Don’t buy plex from ccp in your very first week on your very first character!

If you’re gonna do that just let someone here give you isk instead.

What do you really want to achieve?

That’s very generous of you to give OP a billion isk, kenneth. :+1:

Your right, I didn’t start playing eve for the money, I started playing for the fun.
Thanks for all the advice

These Barges are worth their 20m ISK. But you need some time to skill up to Industry V and Drone V to handle them, so carry on mining with a nicely fit Venture and find out if you like mining anyway.
I definitely know what you mean, in my first months in EVE I had no idea how getting rich could be as easy as all the dudes in the forum tell. But after a while, you learn different ways to play the game.
After 3 weeks in an Alpha clone I was convinced I carry on playing and I accepted an offer at the Buddy invites and rewards from other players and got enough PLEX to refill my wallet if ISK ran dry.

Yeah…That was kind of the idea behind what I said…to free yourself from any grinding and be able to do what is fun for you…but ok, w/e.

I see what you mean, but I feel like I should get into the game more before considering buying plex
Thanks for all the help!

Hi OP you should definitely do the soe arc it’s great money and if you want join one of the newbie corps they’ll set u up. Also if u want help at the end of the arc just message me in eve I’ll do 27 jumps lol

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Thanks for the tip!

Some options (alpha):
Venture Ore Mining in hisec @ 6 mill per hour at the moment
Venture Gas Mining in hisec @ up to 9 mill per hour depending on gas
Venture Gas Mining in lowsec @ up to 50 mill per hour depending …
Venture Gas Mining in jspace @ up to 50 mill per hour depending …
Venture Drone Hunting @ varies a lot but between 20 mill and a lot (700 mill in a session my best)
Venture Salvage Event Sites/Conduits @ between 12 & 30 mill if u find a farmer to follow
Venture Salvage Combat Sites @ roughly 6 to 8 mill per hour

Some of these scale up as Omega. Ice mining is popular and a reasonable earner but a grind.

Exploration in jspace & null can be very lucrative but variable.

There is of course PvE & PvP but others can advise better.

Looting and Salvaging: A Venture has the smallest cargo hold of all frigates. Each destroyer is better suited because there are more high slots and more cargo hold. If you still want to travel quickly, you may fit a T1 Exploration Frig like the Imicus (including Salvage Drones), they have a decent cargo capacity.
But most players say salvaging is boring anyway.
WH space is very lucrative, but you have to learn about their special rules and learn to lose ships and whole stations.

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There are lots of ships better as salvagers. But if you are a new alpha you generally have a few ventures lying around, they are cheap and if fitted right surprisingly efficient. Loot is a different question.

Imicus is the best salvage frigate no argument, couple of salvage rigs to go.

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Are there specific salvaging ships? Or do most people just use the ships with the most space for salvaging rigs?

What about mining in lowsec? is it lucrative for a venture with 2 miner lasers II ?

Yes, the Noctis
That’s the first special ship I skilled. But in dangerous areas Salvage Dessies are more common.

That makes sense. Unfortunatly I don’t have 40 mil ISK on hand right now so I’ll stick with one of my frigates