What is the best way to get isk

right now I’m working on getting my first cruiser and I just don’t have a good way of getting it so please tell me a good way to get the risk for it

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I found mission running to be a good start. The more you work with the Agents, the better your rep improves and unlocks higher tier Agents. Try to go for Security Agents since salvage and loot come with the rewards.

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Exploration and Faction Warfare are the best ways for a new player to get a good amount of ISK cheaply.

Beyond that, the activity that you are into doing the most is likely going to be the best isk maker if you work it right.

Example: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/h7gbhx/how_to_have_an_adventure_in_eve_for_under_5/


Find something you enjoy doing and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Same applies to eve. Don’t get stuck into the grind mentality because the game becomes a second job. Find something fun (especially if you’re an alpha) and money will come with time.


Join a good corp. A good group will also actively teach you game knowledge in addition to doing group activities and giving isk-making advice. Some of those group activities may result in splitting of rewards too.

I would suggest trying Abyssal Deadspace instanced PvE. For making the simplest T0 (Tranquil) filaments, the simplest and cheapest fit will suffice, provided you choose the right filament to match the ship and the damage you plan to deal. As far as I know, Abyss can be done even by just created accounts, and although the money from doing T0 is not staggering, it is a pretty solid source of earnings (you will definitely earn a T1 cruiser and equipment). Later you can try T1 as you become more proficient and knowledgeable about the Abyss environment.

Anyway, good luck in finding an activity in the game that gives you satisfaction and earnings :slight_smile:

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It depends what you mean by ‘best’. Whether you mean most income or most enjoyment. It’s not a simple calculation, because although you see people bragging ’ I make xxx zillion an hour gas mining’…do you really want to spend hours watching a mining laser or scoop ?

My own preference is trading, and its remarkable how quickly you can get a supply of ISK coming in. The thing to do is find stuff that is available at trading hubs that is not available ( or in limited supply ) in relatively nearby local systems. It has to be stuff that people are regularly going to buy. Find the stuff that will make you most profit ( bearing in mind that you will pay sales tax ). For example…you might find some ammo at Dodixie that is 50K per unit, and notice that people are selling it a mere 4 systems away for 75K per unit. Buy lots…undercut the locals by selling for 74K per unit…and watch the ISK roll in. People are lazy…they don’t want to travel half a dozen systems to get stuff.


I made a tidy profit by infiltrating mission runner missions and ninja salvaging their wrecks. All it takes is an exploration frigate, some probes and a couple of salvagers.

I also made quite a bit hunting down and blapping MTU’s.

What you need is a good game chair

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you can do abyssal lvl 0 in a cheap frigate
its ok isk for a new player

this giuy its great to learn about it

Where’d he get 3 Mil on his first day?

i don’t know man

You get some 12-15 mil total from a full set of career agents, this is easily doable on day one. In fact there are 3 locations per faction and 4 factions so technically you can do 12 sets of career agents meaning you’d end up with ~150 mil starting cash, it’d be boring but it’s also 150 mil which for a newbie is a godly amount.

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There’s also the option of being paid to run missions with United Standings Improvement Agency.



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