New Player need Isk tips

so after about we week or so I start to mining and doing little bit of missions. is there any better way to make lot of isk for a new player has no clue about game and how everything works

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Welcome to Eve! Hope you are enjoying things out there. :slight_smile:

I’d personally recommend to first getting familiar with things more first. Run career missions and try a little bit of everything. There’s so much you can do in the game. It’s hard to really say what’s the best since to make ISK because, in my opinion, every playstyle can earn decent amounts of ISK.

It’s going to be slow at first when you’re just starting out; but as you gain skills and experience over time it will get better. For instance industry skills that boost your mining yield (like the Mining and Astrogeology skills that each give a 5% boost to yield per level; not including the ship bonuses for training the ships skill and fleet boosts).

For something quicker you can try market trading (utilizing tools like Eve-Central and Eve-MarketData to find items that you can bring to trade hubs to sell for profit). If you don’t have ISK on hand you can also try exploration which a lot of people (including myself) have had a lot of good luck in finding good loot that you can sell.

If you need guidance on how to do things; there’s a lot of great videos on the Eve Flight Academy YouTube playlist, there’s also a lot of other great resources that you can check out too.

Hope this helps you!


Alphas are somewhat limited in the ISK making (no industry, extra taxes trading, no planetary industry, etc.), because we all can make thousands of alpha alts and CCP didn’t want the economy ruined. Otherwise, ISK making scales, somewhat, with your skills, and scales quite high with the “risk” of going into lowsec, null, or wormhole space. The empire-controlled high security space (high-sec) is somewhat safe, but it’s also like a newbie zone - the ISK making is limited. You have to go into pirate low-sec, or into the wilds (get in an alliance and go to null sec, or try wormhole space), but those are free PVP areas and of course you’ll be hunted.

For specific activities, you have:

  • slow and steady - mining, agent missions, high-sec exploration

  • takes money to make money - trading on the market, industry/manufacturing

  • do you feel lucky - scamming, piracy, corp theft, suicide ganking a fat transport, gas mining in wormhole space

  • pay real money - PLEX (buy from website, sell in Jita - instant 1.5 billion ISK)

Many people try to make enough ISK to fund their monthly fee via PLEX, but gathering 1.5 billion ISK in-game is almost impossible with the Alpha skills, because high-sec doesn’t offer high rewards, and the Alphas are limited in industry and trading. Trying to grind that much ISK every month will turn the game into a chore for you. We usually advise newbies to join one of the low-sec or null corps; they can keep you entertained with daily fleet ops, and they often have ship replacement programs or “free ships for newbies” programs, so you basically won’t need ISK.


newbie activities are a bit low paying but imo they work for newbie level requirements. Grinding for t1 frigs and cruisers shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but if you try and grind for a plex well, you will probably get frustrated, at least I know I would. If your #1 goal is to play for free I think it’s actually manageable, but so many jump in and want to pay with plex asap and imo that can be a burnout inducing grind if you aren’t prepared for it.

mining is pretty easy to get into, but hits a ceiling very quickly. low income and a right pain in the arse, I suggest against mining in general.

missions, lv1s and 2s are rather low paying, if you do the career missions and SoE arc you can probably even just skip lv1s. With lv3s you can make some money, and lv4s are where the money is at, but that takes a bunch of skills, grinding standings, and investment in various ships. there is a level of training where players want to do lv4s but would typically make more running lv3s instead. I think with alpha status you can do some alright lv3 grinding in a gnosis, but again, it’s a grind.

exploration, learn some of the hacking minigames in highsec, then find a wormhole out to nullsec and go for the t2 salvage. sticking to the relic sites mainly.

null anom farming, sounds like decent isk, but I can’t fill in the details. Imo it’s pretty boring running the same sites over and over though.

trading and industry go hand in hand imo, Buy mats for cheap, build stuff, sell goods high. it’s not super fast isk, and it takes some decent investment, but you can make a bunch of money in the long run. I suggest learning some game mechanics first so you don’t get invested in a dead end where you end up losing all your isk. And you should keep track of things, it might be more profitable to just trade the mats than to produce whatever you decide to make for example.

I’ve heard goons have some good plans to get newbies up to speed, loot and salvage behind a ratting carrier, should beat most highsec newbie income. Higher incomes -> easier access to plex or skill injectors.


Ill also add that exploration (NOT in highsec) can net you some nice money too, relics are generally worth more than data sites.

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I am not a alpha I bought 2 months worth of game time off the bat on day one

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Stuff like this is more fun and can yield you income, despite (deliberately) not mentioning it:

For a new player, the route CCP gives them is pretty poor, isk- and gameplay-wise, compared to what you can make in your early days by deliberately ignoring it and going for adventures. Being socially interactive will yield you relatively more. Way more, actuallly.

Pix Severus wrote down my early day adventures, which you can read here:

You won’t beat that income with conventional crap everyone does. As a new player, making others aware of your existence is the best money maker, relatively speaking. This isn’t meant to brag. The purpose of this story is exactly for threads like this.

Providing amusing content for others will make you money and it’s more fun than grinding!


You my try ninja gas minig to have good income as alpha. But this need lot of investments and knowing game bether.

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General rule #1
The easier something is to do, or participate in, the less it potentially pays out.

Asteroid mining can be done in a small cheap frigate (Venture) and you can aquire up to $20m/day
L4 missions can be done in a reasonable amount of time in T1 Battleship and you can acquire up to $20m/hr doing these.
Hisec Incursion groups will typically expect you to turn up in a fully loaded Pirate Faction Battleship and you can acquire over $20m/tick

Eve requires patience, sometimes a lot of it.
The more shortcuts you take, the less you learn, the sooner you explode.


I know that this is not directly related to your question, but I wanted to let you know my corporation is currently recruiting players world wide. We offer various ISK making strategies, (and much more) Feel free to take a look at our corporation recruitment link below:



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First of all welcome to EVE. I get his question a lot from people and the answer comes down to this: Everything you do will make you ISK. The question back at you is what is it you enjoy doing in game so far?

Being aware that your skills as an alpha will be limited there are still options open to you, for example:

Mining/Building - Plenty of places to mine and make ISK off the unrefined ore, the refined minerals or even taking those minerals and building some ships or modules.

PVE Missions - Start off with the l1’s and slowly get to l2’s and l3’s etc.

Exploration - My personal favourite. Exploration can be hit and miss but setup a scanning frigate and get out there. Run the combat sites and there’s a chance you may find something that’s worth some serious ISK, even in high sec.

PVP - you can make money out of this if what you kill drops something of value but unlikely for a new players.

Trading - Buy low and sell high…simple mechanics but this generally requires isk investment to start off with.

Anyway. Hope this helps.

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For me, as a fellow new player, the best isk maker has been PI (planetary industry) .

It does require a few things to get started. You need to be an Omega Clone (which you said you were) and you almost have to be in null sec. Which means joining a null sec corp. I made the mistake of spending the first few months in high sec but null is better for making isk as well as having fun in general and there are plenty of big corps that welcome new players.

Aside from that it takes a couple of hours to figure out how to set up the first planet and around 10 million isk or so for the skill books and start up costs. It also took me around one day to train basic skills and I put in another day of training to boost profits a bit.

In return I have an income of around 8 million isk a day for less than 15 minutes of work. Which is fine for me as a new player and my best isk/time spent in a typical day.

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You’re so adorable Yellow :blush:

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thank you. :blush:

There is a lot of great advice in this thread to help get you going with ISK. I always like going against the grain, and will offer up another tidbit of information:

Challenge yourself to come up with a role/niche/service that you don’t see being executed well along your EVE journey, and try doing it better. See if you can profit from it.

That’s the flexibility and freedom that EVE gives you. Enjoy it!


Others are giving you honest suggestions. Let’s put on my pirate hat and suggest a few more effective ways to make ISK.

There’s quite a number of corps that recruit new players in highsec and put them to work mining highsec belts, with an Orca providing fleet support.

Find one of these that has Friendly Fire allowed. Join it and pretend to be a loyal member for a day or two.

Then, show up to a mining operation with a combat ship, and start warp scrambling and shooting the most expensive ‘friendly’ ships on the field. Blow up all except the most expensive one, then ransom that one.

The second option is the classic begging scam.

Platinum insure a mining ship or mission ship that will hurt you to lose, then deliberately lose it to gankers. (Mine in the highsec system Uedama if you want this to happen). You’ll be down a bit of ISK out of this, but insurance will cover at least half.

Then go to a mission running hub system (I suggest Apanake or Osmon) and post your lossmail (this is in your Character Sheet - Interactions - Show Losses, drag it into local chat) with a whinge. “Some bloody ganker pricks blew up my ship, can anyone give me 35 million to get back on my feet?”

Often you can get paid by 10 or more people from the one lossmail. Some will contract you old no longer used ships. Once you get paid in one system, go one jump away and keep begging there.


Yeah right, doing that will definitely get your character blacklisted very quickly.

Check the employment history and kill board of Psychotic Monk sometime.

That guy carried out dozens of corp thefts as well which leave no paper trail.


This isn’t a thing, there is no list. He might get blocked by a few people from local chat :confused:


Wow, some of you people are really pigheaded.

What do you think Eve Who is all about? Granted it may not be used much but it’s definitely a thing and a list.