New Player need Isk tips

I’m not trying to be pigheaded. He’s completely new and you saying he’s going to get “blacklisted” implies that is a thing that can happen in game. In reality unless you’re the most notorious scammer ever the vast majority of people won’t care or won’t know down the line.


Maybe not at first but after a while it is something that can happen in-game.

If a Corp recruiter or CEO doesn’t investigate any character applying for membership with all info options available such as Killmail boards and Eve Who, then they deserve all repercussions they receive for not doing so in the first place.

There are plenty of corps that see a history of deception as an asset.

They won’t trust you wiht hundreds of billions in assets, but they will definitely see you as someone they want to recruit.

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Not to be flippant, but if you had a lot of ISK, it probably wouldn’t help you as much as you think. I’m still pretty newb (not quite 6mos in), but I’ve learned enough to know that being able to BUY a ship is not nearly the same thing as being able to competently fly it. I lost two Asteros in quick succession early on in my career. …boy did that sting!

I read posts on here and in other social media by people who just started, went out and bought a ship they didn’t have the skills to fly well, …and end up losing everything. Sometimes they’re so frustrated they just quit the game. Don’t do like me, don’t be that guy…
Play for fun. If it’s making ISK, then, by all means do that, but don’t let your game goals get ahead of your skills.


A fine example of how a newbie should experience life in Eve.