Easy isk for Newbies

I am a newbie who started eve online like two weeks ago. I found that ninza gas mining is pretty a good income. So I decided to train gas mining skills. BUT the skill book is 26m which is high for me.
So I need to do something to earn that money.
What would be good for me to earn isk?

(I am Alpha)

There are many ways to earn ISK, all varying in the needed starting capital and resulting profits;

  • Trading (Station, Region, Between regional markets)
  • Ratting (running anomalies, or asteroid belts)
  • Mining (selling ore or use to manufacturing)
  • Manufacturing (Buying or mining ore for materials to build ships, modules, deployables and so on)
  • Exploration (Combat or Data/Relic signatures)
  • Piracy
  • FW (Faction Warfare)
  • Missions
  • and more…
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Hello and welcome! If you want you can mail me ingame and I can help you out.

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I would not just give the OP isk or the skillbook. That has the opposite effect on enjoyment.

OP: Have you run the Sisters of Eve epic arc yet? It’s pretty good isk for a new character.

Don’t know if your reply was directed towards me. But in case it was I will give you an answer in the manner in which you hobby hippies like;
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”
But I rather like the more eve like metaphor: give a noob a burn and he will quit, teach the noob to burn New Eden and he will stay forever


More power to you, Psy. It was a general comment.

  • Grind a few extra work hours IRL
  • Buy PLEX for $
  • Sell PLEX for ISK
  • Have no ISK issues ever may you stay Alpha or go Omega.
  • Have fun!

Thanks for your help :smiley:
But I am having a big test. So when my test finishs, I will chat to you.

Srry for bad Eng

Hmm I have never played the epic ark. I will try it

Thank you ISD :slight_smile:
But could you tell me what would be good for newbies?

Out of all those mentioned running Relic signatures is probably the quickest way to amass lots of ISK, it’s cheap to get into, high skills in hacking/scanning skills make it easier, get a Probe, Imicus, Magnate or Heron and fit Probe Launcher (and 2 sets of probes), an Analyzer, maybe 1 or 2 scanner arrays to compensate for lack of skills and lastly a little bit of tank or mobility. Now set yourself a route around New Eden, if you feel like taking some risk include lowsec or null, and start scanning every system on your route. You could also go explore WHs of class 1-3, it also carries risks but like lowsec and null the rewards are likely to be greater.

On a more chill, and yes also boring, side you can do mission, work your standing up to 5.0 with NPC Corps to get access to the more lucrative Lv 4 missions, or just fly around space doing anomalies, and the occasional expedition (a.k.a. escalation), a pop-up will appear when you kill last wave in anomalies when you get an expedition, and there also the small chance of getting a faction spawn.

Trading is more complicated and doesn’t bring in the quick ISK, but it’s basic concept is to buy low and sell high for profit, remember to include taxes into the calculation when figuring out the potential profit.

Hope this helps :smile:


best way to earn ISK for new players is still mining combined with project discovery, even more so if you plan to go gas harvesting route.

The alternative is to go scanning down and hacking relic/data sites - you will need scanning skills for gas harvesting anyway.

The person who advised you to do Epic Arc is not wrong, but in order to complete that arc your character will need a completely different skillset and there is only so much SP you can get on an Alpha before you are forced to either use injectors or go Omega.

Do the Sisters of EvE epic arc (the bloodstained stars), it will get you some isk, a couple free ships, and towards the end you can choose which empire to get a nice little chunk of standings with without losing standings to the other empires.

Look it up (evesurvival.org is a decent rundown)

Be advised that the other epic arcs (empires - Amarr, Caldari, gallente, minmatar) are about level 4.3 missions. There are a couple pirate epic arcs that are level 3, but only filthy heretics pollute themselves with that dreck, so I’m sure an upstanding citizen like you would want nothing to do with such scum…right?

Then maybe outfit a destroyer for salvaging (destroyers have 8 high slots - so good to fit salvagers / tractor beams on). In highsec space, consider working for a salvage corp like ProSynergy cleaning up wrecks after level IV mission runners. In 0.0 space salvaging / looting wrecks after ratters can be quite profitable for a newer player. In most of 0.0 space, if you are not part of the controlling entity of that territory, or at least marked friendly by them, you are likely to get blown up. Don’t be greedy, be honest with those you are clearing wrecks for and build a reputation for being easy to work with.

Try out the relic / data site scanning mentioned previously.

I don’t work for ccp, but in my opinion being omega clone is worth it. Just cloaking device stuff for a player “exploring” relic / data sites and/or huffing gas is worth it. Then being able to warp around cloaked and use some omega-only ships really enhances fun - again, IMO of course.

For example, I have found “jedi huffing” in an expedition frigate to be fun. Here is guys doing that:

and welcome!

Best thing I have found is complete ALL of the Tutorial Agent missions. This exposes many of the game mechanics as well as gives you a CRAP TON of toys to play with. The Industry Agent mission is, IMO, the most important for ISK generation because you get the mining ship Venture and all the goodies for it AND you get the skills to use the ship for mining.

Fit out the Venture with the Civilian Miner I, head out to an asteroid belt in your 1.0 sec space and fill up the Ore hold with Veldspar or Scordite. Return to the Station and sell it. Lather, Rinse, Repeat…upgrading your ship to the Miner I and then a second Miner I as you go.

Stay in 1.0 and 0.9 space so Concord handles all your security concerns. Once you get your skills learned a bit (Mining to lvl 2 at least, Drones to level 1 at least, and I’m sure there are a couple more of importance but I’m away from my gaming rig and just can’t remember) you can drop a couple civilian Hobgoblins in your Drone hold and deploy them in .8 and .7 space for your security and grab some plagio.

For newbs like me, this is the easiest and quickest 2mil I think available without risking your toys.

@Amy_Tai_Songlin has good advice and so does @Xuxe_Xu. Preferably you do Amy’s suggestion before Xuxe’s.

Another suggestion to, is to look at getting out of the NPC corp you automatically were placed in, and join EVE University, they can help you out with the more basic set ups with how life is in New Eden.

Edit: I wanna add, if/when you do the tutorials, when you get to the one or two missions where you purposely destroy your ship, insure it, that way you get some extra free iskies.

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Yeah that is something I need to do, join Eve uni. Might do that tonight!

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@Byung_Shin_Ge here’s a video that you probably want to watch:


Is this also a corp? How do you join?
(I am a returning noob player getting back into the game)


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