So what is the easist way to make ISK for a new player?

About 7 months I downloaded the game and I have already ahieved the 70 million isk. But to be honest I have taken a few “breaks.”

Though I just got back into the game and Ive recently tried the salvaging and data anazlying, but as an Alpha player, you really can’t do much. So I just want to know from the community, what’s a fast way of making isk.

Also it’s worth mentioning that I have almost maxed out my skills and I like using ships with drones and missles, but that’s only for the encounters. I also have joined a coorperation with a lot of isk, and I wouldn’t mine to be a miner.

Probably Pochven has the best money right now. Followed by running abyssal filaments. Followed by highsec mission running.

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I would grind exploration and do wormholes. Take this with a grain of salt as I am a new player but I have made over 300m and I am like 2 weeks old.

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Buy PLEX, it’s the fastest method by a big margin. Else look for the most fun way to make ISK, because, you know, it’s a game.

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I’ve been doing anomalies and combat sites in high sec, been optimising and improving. I’m now at a point where if I make less than 50 mil/h I get grumpy.

Join a corp, joint ratting and mining is very safe and lucrative, and even Alphas can help by scouting, hauling or in T1 Battleships.

Jon the corp yes, joint ratting in null systems no. Because CCP for some stupid reasons will punish you for ratting in your own systems. The reward will drop if you rat intensively there. The more you care about your system, the less you will get.

New pilot with low skills can do L3 security missions in Gnosis and than L4 missions in Praxis. Diversity of task, NPC enemies, sights etc… Abyss is awesome, but can be a gamble if your get disconnected or simply in case of family agro.

unsub for 1 Month. Buy Plex, sell for ISK = 1.3B / month profit.

See, if you had saved the abo money you would now have 7x1.3B ISK = 9B

Scam people out of their isk.

While inconsistent can net you a lot of isk.