Not sure how to make ISK? This has been made to help you

Simple video made by me last year - This is how to make ISK efficiently in Eve Online.


Pretty good overview on the various ways to make ISK as an Alpha Clone.

Could add some extra info to the thread since the class of ships now available to Alpha Clones has been upgraded. There was a couple of other little things but I’m not gonna nit pic. Overall a good vid for newbie players.

This is an older view, in two weeks I will be making a new one using sony vegas to edit n show each activity etc

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Don’t forget the expanded SP pool and access to T1 Battleships.

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Aye, as I said, old video, the new one will have all the updated info but i see alot of posts here with “how can i make isk” so i put this up :slight_smile:

I make next to no money on youtube, I do it because i love eve and i love helping people

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