Tips for alphas

After summer I will get back on the game and wanted to play as alpha. What is the best thing to do as alpha which can be profitable? Are missions worth? Is highsec industry worth?
All type of sugestions are welcome.

that work youre doing is the game. the isk youre working for is never worth it. if youre working towards a goal thatll make you happy in the game guess what it wont.

My question is which is the most efficient way to make isk as apha so I can pay for omega?

Efficient, how?

Basically everything, given enough volume, will get you to where you want… it is all a mater of time.

So depending on how much time you want to spend, will get you to an answer. But in general, HS is not where you should be looking.

Tbh the bar none best way will be to join a mega null Corp and participate in their Isk making endeavors

If you only have one alpha account there is currently no way to pay for one month of game time unless you can successfully drop a hauler with really good loot and hope it is still there after you can undock after your criminal timer elapses. Or have a second computer with a second alpha account which loots your kill.

I think a few people would disagree with you.

Hmmmmm :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Here is what you can do. With one acc, do active isk making like ratting, mining and industry, or exploration. With a second acc, you will play the market, buying low and selling high.

Check out the Eve Pro Guides on these subjects. Very valuable resources.

What you cannot do is mine your way to riches as an Alpha. Perhaps you should be thankful for it.

Best way in high-sec for you should be Incursions. There are fleets who take Alphas, too.

Outside of high-sec do you want to look for WH corps.

spend 15 bucks and not waste many many hours in game is the best way.


The most efficient way to make ISK is to take an extra hour or few real-life job each month, spend it on a sub and some PLEX then sell the PLEX for ISK. Voila you only grinded a few hours a month and you are space rich and an omega. Now you can do whatever you want and couldn’t care less even if you lose it all. :wink:

You’ve got it the wrong way round. OP wants to buy your PLEX with ISKs. Without him you couldn’t sell your PLEX, could you now?

These threads always end in the same way… One guy asks for how to grind for ISKs to buy PLEX, and 20 posts later do you have the most ignorant people boasting over their jobs and how rich they are in life.


Completely false assumption. Maybe think before you post. I don’t sell PLEX, never mentioned I do so either, try to read before you respond. Actually I buy PLEX with in-game ISK I earn by stealing stuff in Jita. I am a casual alpha and only sub to train the expanded alpha skillset, already PLEXed my main in advance to cover my entire training so won’t need to PLEX any more. Check my main’s bio: @Marcusson_en_Chasteaux

Wow taking offense at nothing, being prejudical and seeing things not even implied. I simply gave a legit suggestion based on OP’s question. He may not have considered RL grinding still it is the most efficient method, maybe that is why so many people suggest it according to your post.

Your way of seeing it is completely beyond ludicrous, I have no words tbh. I recommend taking a deep breath and chilling out or whatever as you completely see things out of context and take personal offense where there is none at all.

What’s your explanation for this then? Are you just naturally stupid, is this it?

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Can you even read? I assumed he not just wants to sub but also have some ISK to spend as well, that is also a reason for grinding not just omega status. If he plans to PvP or want to fly blingy ships (which cost a lot and occasionally may lose them) he will need spare ISK.

As I wrote try not to see things that are not there. You seem overly paranoid, even for EVE standards.

I’m asking you this.

Nobody asked you what you do and how you do it. OP wants to buy PLEX, if at all, not sell it.

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OP asked this:


He wants to be omega and asked an efficient way to do it. I answered his question bringing an alternate approach vector he might not thought of. Simple as that.

No, you failed at it. He specifically asked how to make ISKs by playing as an Alpha.

You then didn’t give a different approach. You’ve opposed his approach. You’re not helping and are being ignorant.


Oh now I see you are some kind of SJW white-knight snowflake who gets offended by nothing, that explains it. Have fun with your rage tantrum.

Just for the record (for the rest of the readers) it is clear to see nobody and nothing was opposed and the suggestion was legit and potentially helpful and well intentioned and I stand by it as a viable alternative.