Plexing an Alpha account

A month of game time is currently about 1.5B. This is about 48-49M a day. I have a toon that can run lvl4 missions and I can make that in about 4-5 hours, excluding loot, depending on missions. Some take too long especially waiting for the MTU to suck up wrecks. You’re lucky to get 1/3 retail value for loot and salvaging is a crap shoot. It would take constant grinding to keep Omega active. EVE can be fun but when it becomes work it’s not. Everyone talks about how easy it is to plex accounts but I can’t log on every single day. WH exploration is iffy without the ability to cloak & too many sites are beyond Alpha skills. My skills anyway(maxed). What am I missing?

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Alpha accounts are an unlimited trial save up the isk and get omega then you will have cloak in wh space or move out of HS into a Null/WH corp the guys in the corp will be able to show you how to live and make isk in J/Null space

  1. Use your unlimited Alpha time to skill up everything you can, while saving all the ISK you make along the way.
  2. Spend $15 to buy yourself monthly Omega.
  3. Continue training and earning ISK, until you get to a point that you can afford to pay for PLEX instead of spending cash.

Taa daa!


wait, you make 1.5 bil in 4-5 hours or you make 50mil in 4-5 hours?

properly running lv4s you can make that 1.5 bil in 5-7 hours. To fully hit that requires investment and SP though. head over to the mission sub forum if you want to know more.

if you are doing 50mil in 4-5 hours, well you are probably better off stepping down and running lv3s. Full blitz lv3s you can make around 50mil each hour. Again that requires high SP, but if you are struggling that hard in lv4s it’s almost certainly going to be better in lv3s. Even if you drop down to 20mil/hr that’s almost double what you were doing in 4s.

to max income you don’t want to dillydally and loot/salvage. complete missions as fast as possible and cash out on good LP. LP can be 50-70% of your income.


chasing isk each month to plex your account is the most surefire way to burnout. back when I started, the advice we always gave was “yes, this is a thing that you can do, but it is an end game goal. don’t expect to reach it within your first year to two years.” is it possible to do it sooner, sure. but that is the exception rather than the rule (and most of the people you see bragging about being able to go alpha to omega in 15 days or some shit like that, are experienced players just using a new acct. and actual game experience matters a lot)

my advice, just sub your account, that way you can put all of your isk towards things you WANT to do, not things you HAVE to do just to keep your sub. eventually you will have figured out ways to make more than enough isk to comfortably plex your account, but even then i’d recommend getting a second acct (you will probably have figured out a reason to want a second acct by then anyways) and still sub your main. that way if there is a bad turn of fate and your income dries up for whatever reason, its just your secondary acct that you put into hibernation, while you can continue working on your main.

I’m not going to give you any direct answers on how to plex your acct, because there are a ton of ways to go about it. and explaining them all in enough detail that you might be able to pull it off would take too damn long, but I will tell you that most of the reliable ways to do it, require considerable investment, either in time and SP, or in raw isk, or a combination of both.

find what you enjoy doing, keep doing it, and eventually you will find a way to make isk doing it.


I truly doubt you are making 1.5B in 5-7 hours off of lvl 4 missions. The payout with bonus is 5M on the best of missions and bounties might bring you 10M if you’re lucky. With no loot that’s 100 missions. You can run 100 missions in 5-7 hours? You’re pro even with Omega.

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I think you misread, he said that to afford a plex is 48-49 mil per day, which takes about 4-5 hours. so they would need to put in 4-5 hours a day, every day of the month to get the plex.

You can make that in about 1 hour as vni ratting alpha player

enter burner missions, 5 mil bounty + 5 mil agent reward + 14k LP. Run one of those every 6 mins and you are hitting 300m/hr+ Okay lets dial it back a little, gotta do a standings maintenance mission every hour or so, probably don’t have perfect skills, or implants, or maybe you went a little cheap on a ship or two, Add all those together and I’m still pretty comfortable in saying 200m/hr+ for more average players.

Yes I simplified things a little, if you want it there’s way more documentation over in the missions sub forum. I average around 8 missions per hour, but that includes anomic base missions which pay even more isk in bounties but take a few mins longer. If it was nothing but frig burners that should come up to 9-10 missions/hr.

As an alpha it won’t be fully reproducible as you are locked out of some ships that are pretty useful, and are missing a few skills, however you have access to enough that you can run a decent number of the burner missions and start to greatly improve on income. The garmur and daredevil are probably the two ships you want to look at as each allows you to do several burners. You can also use the general mission blitzing strategy to greatly improve income on other missions. Like I said earlier dropping down to lv3s and blitzing there will make a lot more money than slowly running lv4s with low skills. If you think you have decent skills, start cutting out the junk and focus on the good. Like you say:

The loot/salvage isn’t worth it if you are going for income. There’s a few wrecks that can drop implants or faction modules so they are worth checking, but most just have metal scraps and I skip those. That and if you have high standings consider declining some of those missions that take too long and don’t pay well.

Taking hours to make ~50mil is something you should be able to improve upon pretty rapidly. As Dark says about VNI ratting, that’s another way to go but it should be a nice step up in income.

I think this is the best advice. I just spent 70% of my ISK on a Rattlesnake and fittings. I think I’m just gonna play for fun and stop worrying about the Omega thing. I don’t want to stress about playing and the more I think about it, I think if I am able to go Omega I will feel like I have to play more to get my money’s worth out of it. My ADHD kicks in and I get bored.

I ran Massive Attack and Unauthorized Military Presence in 1:35. I thought i was running them pretty fast.

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I could consistently make over 10M/h running l2 missions in procurer… with t1 drones and w/o considering lps!
To be fair I also looted and salvaged, but hey - high slots are for salvagers on such procurer.
It sounds really odd that you make just this much running l4s.

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I don’t.

I talk about paying for your account, if possible on a yearly basis (to minimize cost/month) and take advantage of offers whenever they occur (cheap plex/cheap x month subs). If you run dry of money, well, there is something awesome. Instead of having to leave the game you can play in a limited way as an alpha. That is the whole idea of alpha and omega. People are like politicians and like to polarize and misrepresent reality to make you follow them, think critically and make the best for YOURSELF.

REMEMBER the game is about to enjoy yourself and have a better feeling after the month of gaming. If this is not the case, get a real-life job and save up for some years of subscription and then come back and invest the ISK in your character in stead of plex.

TLDR; Alpha is there IF you can’t pay your monthly sub yet want to play (in a limited way).

Of cause he does not. From time to time he is lucky to get burner mission that spawns in very next solar system, so he can finish it in 6 minutes. In null sec, missioning for pirate LP store. Than he multiply that 6 minutes 10 times so it looks like he can do 300 milions / hour. He can, but only for 6 minutes and not every day.
Normal missioning in high sec in alpha toon mean 40 - 60 millons per hour if you loot, salvage and blitz missions like Scarlet or Damsel. You need Rattlesnake for normal missions, Machariel for blitz and fast frigate for missions like cargo delivery.
Alpha can not do burners alone. But even full skilled omega using burner missions and blitz guide will not be able to break 100-150 milons per hour constantly. He will drop his standings so low he will have to grind them back on normal missions next week.
So normal missioning will gain normal player 80-110 milions per hour if done right. Which is good enough for solo high sec activity with low risk. So your alpha 40-60 milions per hour is only half of that.

I can’t know your real life situation, but in my locale, month of EvE subscription cost as much as 3 mugs of nice beer in pub, or two visits to McDonalds, or half of the gas tank on my car, or two visits to cinema, or one good meal in average restaurant.

Even with 50 mil/hour it will take 30 hours of boring grind to buy PLEX. So you will work in-game for 0.5$ per hour.

Just buy yourself Omega time and have fun, at some point you will level your skills and game knowledge to get PLEX with reasonable effort.


You can make 180-240m per hour farming tags/AI Drone chips in HS, but that kills the game - after doing the same mission 3-4 times you wanna puke

I’d join a null group for fleets and loot wrecks after fights you can quickly amass the isk for few vni this way then go run anom if you need buy the odd injector when you reach 5 mil sp work toward a rattle with max alpha skills then sub and train toward a t3 do DED now you can continue subing for less time invested

Once you’re Omega can you use a Mackinaw to mine ice. It will mine 25m ISKs worth of ice in an hour. All you need to do is point it at a rock of ice and it will fill up in 25 minutes before it needs to unload. So basically if you were to mine ice each day for 2 hours, where you have to dock up 4-5 times and otherwise do nothing, will you have fueled your account to stay Omega. If you find a nice guy in an ice belt with an Orca and they share their mining boosts will you be 40% faster. Many players have a mining ship just for this reason. It allows them to gather resources in high-sec with very little effort.

Add in Planetary Interaction, which is another form of passive resource gathering, and you’ll have your ISKs even faster. No idea how much one can currently make from PI, but it’s a few million ISKs per day as well, depending where and what you produce.

I think what you’re missing is that with Omega you have access to more powerful ships, which will help you make ISKs faster. But it does take time to get into those ships.


I have to agree on PI - with trivial setup of p1 manufacture one can easily do ~2M isk/planet/day. With a bit of research into what is used a lot and what is booming far more is possible.


Hi OP. It is much easier to PLEX accounts if you join a group. Having to work at 50M an hour in order to PLEX your account is too much work for too little income. In that situation you’ll have a far better life just buying a subscription for a year.

Think about it. Subscribe one year and never run missions just to pay for your account. You can then start to explore the rest EVE has to offer, including trying out different areas of space and finding places where it will be far easier to PLEX your account later on.

I not old enough to get a credit card and the person that pays my bills, my mom, said no. She says since I can play for free she won’t pay for a sub. She says I’m lucky to have a computer. I guess she’s right.