PLEX with ISK viable?

Hi… I’m trying to find a corp that can help me with my current needs to get PLEX. I don’t get the game, or the market at all… Still having a hard time overall.

Anyone interested in making ISK to PLEX with me?

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High-sec = newbie zone = low grade asteroids, low rewards for missions, overcrowded because everyone stays there

Alpha accounts = restricted from the higher skills / higher grade ships that would be needed to increase the amount of ISK that you can make per hour

PVE activities (mining, missions, exploration, etc.) are designed to be easy and can be done solo. Most people run them solo, because if you get a group or a corp you then have to “share” your stuff.

So, basically, you are going to try to do the hardest most boring grind in the lowest reward area, just to get Omega subscription. 6-8 hours per day.

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If you want to pay for your subscription with PLEX and if you’re prepared to invest 10 hours a week earning the ISK to purchase the PLEX, you need to average a bit more than 40 million ISK/hour to achieve that.

Activities available to new players will rarely pay that well and, unless it’s an activity you enjoy Eve becomes a second job instead of a game. CCP wants about 35 cents a day to play the game as Omega. Your morning cup of coffee probably costs more than that! If you’re unsure if the game is for you, play as an Alpha for a while - it’s free.


Why do we assume it should be high sec area? I never actually met people in high-sec. And the only thing you get is war’decced. (From the lil experience that I had)

I’m totally fine with the amount hours per day. 10 hours a week doesn’t seem much to my opinion.
And also totally fine with having another job, since i’m currently doing no job atm :stuck_out_tongue:

Hard life when you get fired. But yes, your probably right about buying OMEGA first then grind your way up.

Still leaves me out on the fact if someone is willing to help out instead of saying, that i probably shouldn’t be doing it, in the very first place. :thinking:

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I remember when I started playing eve and was single… 5 hours a nite and probably afford to Plex myself if I thought too hard.

Spend all my cash on orcas and exhumers :parrotdad: now I’m an alpha and cant fly them

Never bothered to Plex or skill injections. … Them my laptop died and got an ol lady, now I’m only allowed 3 to 6 hours a week :disappointed_relieved:

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Because we don’t hear “I don’t get the game or the market at all” from low-sec, null, or wormhole players. Either they get the game already, or if they’re newbies who have joined a corp operating in those spaces, their corp is organized with tutorials and mentors, so they don’t have to come to the EVE forums to ask for help.

“How can I PLEX my account?” usually comes from Alphas who want to stay in high-sec and do it solo.

And they’re usually disenchanted when they find out that it’s not all that easy or enjoyable.


I see so your opinion is based on that.
Well it does make a lot of sense. But my experience inside high sec was more disturbing with my main then it was with my alt on nul sec.

Wouldnt say eve is not the only challenging game anymore… lately I play a game where I get into the World. And the first thing I need to do is search for a guild. Join them do nasty tasks get higher in ranks. I like those kind of things. Im not that kind of good hearted hero that needs to be carefully walked about.

Just wondering if there were more people out there like myself.

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Either flip burgers for an hour at minimum wage, or go back in time and solo mine a few moons.
You’ll just burn out after you make eve a second, VERY low paying job.


Yes, I’ve been Omega for most of my EVE career

Haven’t dropped a dollar on EVE. It’s doable

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Scamming other players out of their isk has the possibility to make you isk quickly. However it is extremely hit and miss and your competing with many others trying to get that same person to give up his isk.

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I can confirm what my SP alt said. Scamming is viable if you are smart enough.

Hi alts of caseyLP

Kinda makes me wonder how many Plex are bout with real money to keep all these thousands of people plex’ed are too cheap or tight to pay a sub.

I can Plex from time to time but it’s not worth throwing every isk I lay my hands on to do it.

I’m “satisfied” being an alpha for the time being. I just don’t have the time to devote like I like to make it worthwhile. And I really don’t feel like making eve a second job. It should be fun or not worth it to me.

It’s a nice goal but is it really worth it if your under a year old with good steady isk coming in?

Are you wanting ISK to PLEX to then buy gametime? Or are you looking to do activities and then invest your ISK in PLEX?

Assuming it is the former, that can be a bit soul-sucking. General advice in finding people to help you to this end… and not hate you… is to find an activity you enjoy and then find others who like the same.

So, what do you like to do? Or have you not gotten to that point yet…

Both depending on my feeling to get game time or not. I did like to do mining ratting and I was about to get to insuresions. Just never had a Corp to do it actively while being on discord on the same time zone. With the same plan on mind.

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