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is there a way i can join omega and pay for it with ISK? if so? how do i do that?

Earm enough isk to Purchase 500 Plex which can be turned into 30days game time via the NexStore

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maybe because im not on the game? i can not do that? i can not find a place to buy plex with isk. thats my problem. if i could just go to the store and buy it I wouldnt be posting here. i dont understand how to buy Plex with isk, thats what im asking. now i can buy Plex with real money, and there are many packages for that. I do not want to use real money and i want to use Isk in place of money. How much isk would i need to buy 500 Plex since its unknown because i cant find the opinion in the first place? would it be over 10 million or more? i make good isk in salvages and mining but it would take me 2 weeks to save up for 10 million.

Afaik 500 PLEX is somewhere around ISK2.5b. You can buy it off the market in Jita.
I would strongly suggest that you don’t try to plex your account as a newbro. You’d be turning eve into a badly paid second job. Grinding that kind of isk every month is going to burn you out.
Wait for a plex sale, or just pay for an annual subscription.


One PLEX is about 5 Million ISK atm: EVE Tycoon
So I’m afraid 10 Million ISK is not enough. It’s about 2500 Million ISK for 500 PLEX.
That’s a lot of salvaging though…

I usually suggest to start Alpha, and if you think it’s fun subscribe for 3 months (that’s what I use to pay for PC games anyway) and then decide how to carry on. After 3 months you know better how to earn ISK and your skills are better, too.


thank you for this link

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